Wednesday Words #5 – The Ton

“It is you I cannot sacrifice.” From Bridgerton Everyone and their mom was begging me to watch Bridgerton about a month ago. I’m not even joking: my own mom was the loudest among them. Yes, I love a good costume drama. Is there a new period piece coming out in theatres? My ticket is alreadyContinue reading “Wednesday Words #5 – The Ton”

Janille in Paris ~ #ThrowbackThursday + #JNGWatches

I think we’re all feeling a bit of wanderlust right now. I’ve never been a big holiday person, and I certainly wasn’t the type to go on a trip every single year. The inability to travel at the moment, though, has definitely made me feel the itch, the incurable restlessness, to get  up out ofContinue reading “Janille in Paris ~ #ThrowbackThursday + #JNGWatches”

Couldn’t We All Use A Little Modern Love?

Happy Tuesday evening, dear Readers! It’s 11:00pm here in Toronto, and probably too late for a mother of a 6 and a half month old to be writing on her blog. I just couldn’t resist, though, as I’ve just finished the most splendid TV show that I absolutely had to recommend to you all rightContinue reading “Couldn’t We All Use A Little Modern Love?”

Self-Isolation Sunday ~ Go Watch Dickinson!!!

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday! As another weekend of self-isolation comes to a close, I wanted to offer an additional recommendation for how to spend your time indoors. If you’re a reader of this blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you love literature and anything and everything literary-inspired. With that in mind,Continue reading “Self-Isolation Sunday ~ Go Watch Dickinson!!!”

Real Motherhood Talk ~ Self-Isolation, Books & Babies

Hi Everyone! ❤ I thought I’d hop on here just to write a quick post amidst the chaos that is our current world. As you may know if you read my blog regularly, I have suffered for all of my adult life with severe anxiety (made much worse during my pregnancy and postpartum). Normally, atContinue reading “Real Motherhood Talk ~ Self-Isolation, Books & Babies”

A Busy Day of Reading and Watching ~ New Recommendations!

I had a lovely day today, finishing up a novel I started just a few days ago, as well as getting through two TV shows I began earlier in the week. I couldn’t help but jot down my thoughts about them, so have a read if you’re looking for some new TV show recommendations inContinue reading “A Busy Day of Reading and Watching ~ New Recommendations!”

Why Game of Thrones Is NOT A Good Show ~ Reacting to Season 8, Episode 5

❄ Winter came…and nothing happened. ❄ I want to start this post off with two disclaimers. The first is that there will obviously be spoilers ahead, as I react to and review season 8, episode 5 of Game of Thrones, which aired last night on HBO. If you haven’t seen this episode, I strongly suggestContinue reading “Why Game of Thrones Is NOT A Good Show ~ Reacting to Season 8, Episode 5”

An Enchantment of Ravens ~ #JNGReads

Okay, I think I can condense my review of Margaret Rogerson’s book An Enchantment of Ravens into one sentence… This novel is the literary equivalent of an hour and a half long feature film that you wish was made into a 4-hour miniseries instead. An Enchantment of Ravens was a great novel, it truly was.Continue reading “An Enchantment of Ravens ~ #JNGReads”

If We Were a Movie ~ #JNGWatches & #JNGWeds

Why would anyone have a Christmas wedding? Isn’t that time of year busy enough already? Welcome to wedding month here at The World of my Green Heart! That’s right, my wedding is only ONE MONTH away, and it’s high time to hunker down and let all you dear Readers in on some of the detailsContinue reading “If We Were a Movie ~ #JNGWatches & #JNGWeds”