Wednesday Words #7 – Why We Write

“That’s why writers write–to say things loudly with ink.” TARRYN FISHER I think this is also why tattoo artists tattoo, hahaha! (Speaking of which, I am dyyying to get my next tattoo…lockdown end, pleaseee!) What is there really to say about this quote other than what it says itself?! It’s so true, I believe –Continue reading “Wednesday Words #7 – Why We Write”

Wednesday Words #6 – Paradise

“This morning, with her, having coffee.” – Johnny Cash What more can anyone need than the person they love beside them…and caffeine? Truth be told, I was not a coffee drinker until the daunting year that was 2020. Figures that I started getting interested in the beverage when I couldn’t even go to different coffeeContinue reading “Wednesday Words #6 – Paradise”