Change is not something I have ever felt comfortable with.  Far from it. Change has always been something I avoided vehemently. Being out of my routine has been a real source of anxiety for me throughout my entire life. Some huge life events I’ve handled better than others (like moving in with my husband, gettingContinue reading “Changes”

What Have I Done?

Who even am I anymore? Does anyone truly know the answer to this after the trying year that was 2020? I wrote about this earlier in the week, but the bottom line is that last year was one in which we were all, to some degree, forced to re-evaluate our priorities, rethink what is trulyContinue reading “What Have I Done?”

A Piece of Me…& Tess

I don’t know why I’m sharing this…but I’m just not going to think too much about it. *deep breaths* One of the things I’d like to do this year is share a bit more of my writing on social media and, naturally, here. By this, I mean creative writing…duh duh duh. This can be oneContinue reading “A Piece of Me…& Tess”

My Body, My Choice ~ My Opinion on Abortion

There is only one thing I have done in my life that I have truly regretted, and it is a choice I made back when I was in high school (as so many of these things are). I went to a Catholic high school, and while I wouldn’t say that I was staunchly pro-life orContinue reading “My Body, My Choice ~ My Opinion on Abortion”