Yours Truly ~ #JNGReads

I have to be totally honest and realistic here…I don’t think I’m going to be posting a book review for a while. The reason for that is not at all that I’m going to be taking a step back from reading – quite the contrary, I am actually going to be reading a 980-page novel.Continue reading “Yours Truly ~ #JNGReads”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up ~ What I’ve Read and Been Up to Recently

Hello and Happy Sunday, dear Readers! My apologies for not having a Weekly Round-Up for you last week.  I had every intention of posting a review for the book I finished two weeks ago last weekend, but I must admit, I had a VERY busy few days and just didn’t get around to even turningContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up ~ What I’ve Read and Been Up to Recently”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up ~ What I Read This Week

Happy Sunday, dear Readers! I managed to finish two short novels this week. I wrote short reviews of both of them on Goodreads, but thought it would be a good idea to also post them here on the blog. Top Ten by Katie Cotugno I liked this book in spite of myself. In spite ofContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up ~ What I Read This Week”

JNG’s *Somewhat* Weekly Round-Up

It is never a good idea to make promises you can’t keep… I like to think I am a very reliable and organized person. It all started in high school, when I devised a plan of using an elaborate and colourful calendaring system to keep track of my schoolwork and ensure that I always gotContinue reading “JNG’s *Somewhat* Weekly Round-Up”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #4

Apologies are in order (I feel like I apologize a lot on this blog, for missing posts, eh?)…I missed my Weekly Round-Up last week, but I promise I have a great excuse! Last Sunday, I fully intended to write up my updates for the previous week. My fiancé and I were planning to meet myContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #4”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #3

Hello and Happy Sunday! Today, I’m feeling that it’s a Sunday. Recently, I haven’t been too depressed on Sundays and I haven’t dreaded Mondays all that much, but today I am definitely struggling with the idea of heading back to work already. Maybe it’s because last weekend was a long one, or because I didn’tContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #3”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #2

Hello and Happy Monday! It’s a holiday here in Toronto, so I decided to postpone my Weekly Round-Up until today to give you a full picture of what I accomplished this week. I’ll be following the same format I used last week, and this was an incredibly productive weekend where I was actually able toContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #2”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #1

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday! I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately, and how frequently I post, and I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for posts that I can publish in between book reviews. As I mentioned recently, I’ve been reading a lot of series of books (such as the AContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #1”