Literary Loves

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Wednesday Words posts to bring you… Another iOS14 Aesthetic! Can’t stop, won’t stop, am I right? Did we really think the last aesthetic I posted about was going to be my last. Hahahaha! I wish. But actually, the truth is that I’ve changed my aesthetic 2 or 3 times sinceContinue reading “Literary Loves”

Lady Night – My Newest iOS14 Aesthetic

“‘You don’t think I know how stories get written, how this story will be written? I am the dark lord who stole away the bride of spring. I am a demon, and a nightmare, and I will meet a bad end.’” – Rhysand Hello again, it’s me! I mentioned in my last blog post (whichContinue reading “Lady Night – My Newest iOS14 Aesthetic”

Merry & Bright <3

Is it ever too early in the year to start celebrating Christmas? Not in my opinion. And, since my birthday is in November, I think I’m an authority on the matter as I believe spending my birthday beside a Christmas tree is the most lovely thing in the world. With my birthday only 3 daysContinue reading “Merry & Bright <3”

Took the Plunge! ~ My iOS14 Customization

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to briefly share a recent creative pursuit I embarked in… Customizing my iOS14 homescreen! I was daunted by this task at first, thinking it would take me hours, but it actually took no time at all. I’ve linked below the YouTube video that I followed (thank you to my bestContinue reading “Took the Plunge! ~ My iOS14 Customization”