A Book Lover’s Tragedy

Prepare for the most visceral of all visceral reactions because… I AM SUCH A KLUTZ!!!  Darn, this is the worst thing that has happened in a long time!!!  I’m ridiculously upset right now and I know I only have myself to blame!!! WHYYYYYY AM I SOOOOOO CLUMSY?!?!?! Okay, so now that the dramatics are done,Continue reading “A Book Lover’s Tragedy”

No Regrets – #JNGReads

Good morning Everyone! Another early #JNGReads post here because I realized that I haven’t spoken to you all in such a long time. Summer is kicking off in Toronto, and so I’m constantly busy with different events, but at least I have these weekly entries to touch base and make sure that I’m reading andContinue reading “No Regrets – #JNGReads”