Ivy League ~ Halloween 2017

This is just a quick post to let you all know what I got up to for Halloween this weekend. When I went shopping 2 weeks ago for a costume for a Halloween birthday party, I truly had no idea what I wanted to dress up as. I figured I would just browse through theContinue reading “Ivy League ~ Halloween 2017”

Second Chances

Well, I decided to have another go at this whole graphic novel business. Actually, that’s a lie; my hand was forced a little bit to be honest. SS came to my house on Friday night and he had a whole bunch of graphic novels with him…which kind of leads me to believe that he neverContinue reading “Second Chances”

The Victorian Soul Wants the Victorian Epic

I apologize for the serious delay in posts over the last little while. I would make up a few excuses about my hectic schedule and busy lifestyle if the reason for my absence wasn’t so perfect and valid – I have been reading a literary text that I just can’t think of very much toContinue reading “The Victorian Soul Wants the Victorian Epic”