I’m Back, Babes!

Hello and TGIF! I don’t have much to say today other than: I’m back, b!tchezzz! Things were looking a bit rough for my 2021 reading journey at the start of this month. I’ll be honest, I had a few false starts, DNFing 2 books in as many weeks because my mind just could not getContinue reading “I’m Back, Babes!”

Friday Recap ~ Subpar & Surprising Sequels

Hello and Happy Friday! In today’s recap of this weeks’ reads, I take a trip down memory lane and revisit two of my least favourite books of all time. That’s right, for some insane reason, I decided to push myself to read the sequels to two young adult novels that absolutely infuriated me, Anna andContinue reading “Friday Recap ~ Subpar & Surprising Sequels”

Friday Recap ~ My New Book Lover

Another week has come and gone, and with it another read. Be still my frantically beating heart…I read a real doozy this week! You probably already know, if you read a lot of my posts, that Karen Swan is one of my all-time romance writers. I have adored her work ever since I picked upContinue reading “Friday Recap ~ My New Book Lover”

A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!

Oh my word and a half, it has been wayyy too long since I posted a book review here on the blog! There’s no reason for this at all because I have been reading voraciously and have actually finished over 40 books this year so far, which is pretty epic, if I do say soContinue reading “A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!”