The Green-Eyed Governess

A brief update here – I promise! Further to my last blog post, more evidence abounds to justify my love for Jane Eyre.  (Sidenote: If you haven’t already read my page ~The Story of the Green Heart~ yet, you may want to…this particular post will make so much more sense if you do!) I’ve alreadyContinue reading “The Green-Eyed Governess”

Miss Eyre, Governess with a Green Heart

I’ll try to keep this update short and simple (I feel like I’ve said that before!), because the main purpose is to share an interesting finding with all of you. I’m right in the middle of rereading Jane Eyre: Jane has escaped Lowood school and she’s deep in the middle of her romance with Mr.Continue reading “Miss Eyre, Governess with a Green Heart”

Baby J

I. Can. Do. This. I. Am. Almost. There. Just. A. Little. Bit. Further… I love Jane Eyre.  There is not a single sentence in the entire novel that I don’t enjoy reading…and rereading…and then rereading again (like six or seven or eight times over!).  Charlotte Brontë’s authorial voice is so beautiful and distinct; she writesContinue reading “Baby J”

Crickets and Christmas

The word “Crickets” from the title of today’s blog post refers to the book I just finished reading. The word “Christmas” refers to the book I will shortly begin…again. To begin with the metaphorical crickets, I’ve just finished reading A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews. I’m all for supporting Canadian writers, especially because I realizeContinue reading “Crickets and Christmas”

How to Dress Like A Governess (ie- Jane Eyre)

Hello and Welcome to my first ever fashion-inspired post! I’ve been really interested in fashion for awhile now, and I have been rather obsessively delving into fashion blogs, video blogs and Instagram accounts recently! I’m in no rush to convert this blog to a fashion or lifestyle blog or anything like that, but I haveContinue reading “How to Dress Like A Governess (ie- Jane Eyre)”

While Boyfriend’s Away…

“‘The truest love that ever heart / Felt at its kindled core…’” “…and, alas! never had I loved him so well.” – Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë Greetings Readers! It’s been far too long! I’m safely home from my trip abroad, to literary heaven. I saw so many unexpected, significant literary sites – like Oscar Wilde’sContinue reading “While Boyfriend’s Away…”

Edward “The Boss” Rochester

I’ve just finished re-reading Jane by April Lindner – it’s the height of summer here in Toronto, the days are long and stiflingly hot, and I felt like I needed a sizzling romance to get me through long days at work and exhausting train rides between my home in the suburbs and the excitement ofContinue reading “Edward “The Boss” Rochester”


And thanks for joining me on this literary journey! I’m beyond excited to finally be starting this blog and to have a chance to write about all the aspects of literature that I adore, from particular chapters to large chunks of classic novels, to specific characters, to film and other artistic adaptations and interpretations. MyContinue reading “Salutations!”