reintroduction – 2021 edition

Then, too, her imagination was full of pictures…scenes where he and she had been together.  CHARLOTTE BRONTË Hey there! Allow me to reintroduce myself to all of you lovely new readers who have been kind enough to join me here recently. ❤ I have been many things in my life so far–an academic, an assistant,Continue reading “reintroduction – 2021 edition”

Literary Loves

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Wednesday Words posts to bring you… Another iOS14 Aesthetic! Can’t stop, won’t stop, am I right? Did we really think the last aesthetic I posted about was going to be my last. Hahahaha! I wish. But actually, the truth is that I’ve changed my aesthetic 2 or 3 times sinceContinue reading “Literary Loves”

Controversial Opinion Time: Jane Eyre vs. Shirley

1849 was a good year, wasn’t it? I wish I knew. I’ll never be able to accept the fact that we haven’t invented time machines yet and I can’t go back to the 19th century and live out my Victorian heroine dreams. But fine, whatever. *sigh* Controversial Opinion Time When I first read Jane EyreContinue reading “Controversial Opinion Time: Jane Eyre vs. Shirley”

Wednesday Words #3 – The Tragedy of Us

“I’d tell you I miss you but I don’t know how. I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.”  Taylor Swift We all have that one person in our life who we can’t quite forget, don’t we? That person we’re still holding out for an apology from, even years later. That person things didn’t end wellContinue reading “Wednesday Words #3 – The Tragedy of Us”

The Old & The New

I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time. Mostly because I haven’t had any idea what to do with this space. 2020 was a trying year for all of us, and although I want to believe that I was largely very positive, optimistic and light-hearted, this whole situation has started to grateContinue reading “The Old & The New”