Once Upon A River ~ A New Victorian-esque Favourite ~ #JNGReads

Once Upon a River is an absolutely fabulous read, and Diane Setterfield is an author that every fan of Victorian literature must get acquainted with. I’ve enjoyed Setterfield’s writing since I first encountered her novel The Thirteenth Tale and was immediately sucked in by her Dickensian style. I would have to say, right off the bat, thatContinue reading “Once Upon A River ~ A New Victorian-esque Favourite ~ #JNGReads”

Neverwhere ~ #JNGReads

Neil Gaiman is quickly becoming my new favourite author. To be honest, I’ve only read two novels by Gaiman: Stardust and now Neverwhere. My husband, however, is an avid graphic novel reader and he recently finished the entire Sandman collection, as well as several collections that take place within the Sandman Universe (such as DeathContinue reading “Neverwhere ~ #JNGReads”

The Dickensian Second Coming

“The chain of events, the links in our lives – what leads us where we’re going, the courses we follow to our ends, what we don’t see coming, and what we do – all this can be mysterious, or simply unseen, or even obvious.” One does not embark on reading a John Irving novel lightly…Continue reading “The Dickensian Second Coming”

JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #2

Hello and Happy Monday! It’s a holiday here in Toronto, so I decided to postpone my Weekly Round-Up until today to give you a full picture of what I accomplished this week. I’ll be following the same format I used last week, and this was an incredibly productive weekend where I was actually able toContinue reading “JNG’s Weekly Round-Up #2”

A Different Kind of Bride

“But, as every girl growing up understood, her wedding day was the most significant she would know: a woman’s crowning glory.” – Havisham, Ronald Frame A little while ago, I finished Ronald Frame’s novel Havisham, a prequel to Dickens’ much loved masterpiece Great Expectations and a book that I picked up on serious sale atContinue reading “A Different Kind of Bride”

The Great Book Rescuer Returns

“After only a few minutes I felt I was giving myself to them: like some flower that’s had a dark time growing, opening at last to the sun.” – Havisham, Ronald Frame Remember a little while ago when I told you all the story of the incident when I rescued a novel from the disorganizedContinue reading “The Great Book Rescuer Returns”

The Great Book Rescue — #JNGReads

Last weekend, I was called to my duty as an Avid Reader and forced to rescue a book from a shelf where I believe it would’ve been underappreciated and unloved. The story goes like this… I was walking through the Dollar Store with my mother. She was in pursuit of masking tape or paintbrushes orContinue reading “The Great Book Rescue — #JNGReads”

Victoria ~ Episode 4: The Clockwork Prince

I’ve just finished the fourth episode of ITV’s series Victoria, and I cannot get the images and scenes out of my mind. This episode was by far the best of the series, and I can confidently say that the caliber of each consecutive episode is getting higher and higher. This particular episode was just…delicious…? IsContinue reading “Victoria ~ Episode 4: The Clockwork Prince”

Bellman & Black

I’ve just finished the Victorian-esque novel Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield and I have to say that I was extremely impressed by it. I’ve read many reviews (most of them on Goodreads) stating that this novel was dry, boring, uneventful and a complete waste of time. I could not disagree more. I feel thatContinue reading “Bellman & Black”