Fate’s Ways

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Sometimes love happens, and we can’t explain why or how. Sometimes meeting our soul mate involves taking Fate’s hand and putting our trust in a force akin to magic. 

In this novella about two people who are quite literally destined to love each other for all their lives, Janille N. Giambattista examines how sometimes we can’t quite put into words how we were led to The One–but in the end, the how or why doesn’t matter as long as we find our Happily Ever After. 

About Janille N. Giambattista

Janille N. Giambattista has been many things in her life, but she has been a reader and a writer longest. she is a firm believer in Fate, True Love and the magic created by the combination of a piping hot cup of tea, a heavy Victorian novel, and a well-lit Christmas tree. 

She resides in Toronto, Canada with the loves of her life: her husband and young son.