Going, Going, Gone

The 5 Year Q & A Journal question of the day is: What did you daydream about today? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The soft, cool breeze tickled her neck beneath her long hair and the same gentle wind played with the folds of her light pink dress.  She had never felt as comfortableContinue reading “Going, Going, Gone”

Introducing Edward

Let me start by saying… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY my dears! Today is the day of True Love, one of the most promising days of the year, a day with real romantic potential! I happen to be watching The Time Traveler’s Wife on TV as I write this, which is incredibly fitting! I swear the WContinue reading “Introducing Edward”

You lose some…

I tell you, this 5 year Q & A journal really is a thing of beauty!  As I’ve said multiple times already, I absolutely adore it.  I’m a self-reflective person by nature (because what other type of person would have a blog really?!) and I’ve always carried a small notebook around to document my immediateContinue reading “You lose some…”

You YOU – HELP NEEDED with the 5 Year Q&A Journal

Alright everyone…I need your help with my Q&A journal…and I need that help before I have to answer my question for tonight! The journal has been going really well so far – I’m loving answering all the questions, really digging deep and contemplating how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking on any given day, atContinue reading “You YOU – HELP NEEDED with the 5 Year Q&A Journal”

Leisure Time with the Girl with a Green Heart

Good Morning Dear Readers! Just a quick post to let you all know what fun I got up to last night!  I went to the dinner I had planned with my friend, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post – we had a great time chatting about life, her various literary and academic successes, my blogContinue reading “Leisure Time with the Girl with a Green Heart”

Writers Rejoice

Hello again Everyone!  It’s been awhile… Haha, okay not really!  Clearly I’m pretty blog obsessed at the moment!  YAY! 😉 Today I’m going to be reviewing a different sort of product – not a work of fiction, but a writing tool!  I discovered this book on Instagram the other day, and once I read moreContinue reading “Writers Rejoice”