Wednesday Words #4 – Save Me

“I needed saving and a good mistake needed making.” – From Waitress The Musical The summer when I was pregnant, I decided to take a solo adventure. My husband was at work, I was on a reluctant sick leave, and I spent most of my days sleeping in until 1:00pm due to severe anxiety andContinue reading “Wednesday Words #4 – Save Me”

Wednesday Words #2 – The Life You Want

“If you can’t appreciate what you’ve got, you’d better get what you can appreciate.” – from Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Hey there, what are you up to today? Sitting around in quarantine, not doing much of anything? Great, sounds like you have tons of time on your hands to watch My Fair Lady! Enjoy!Continue reading “Wednesday Words #2 – The Life You Want”

Janille in Paris ~ #ThrowbackThursday + #JNGWatches

I think we’re all feeling a bit of wanderlust right now. I’ve never been a big holiday person, and I certainly wasn’t the type to go on a trip every single year. The inability to travel at the moment, though, has definitely made me feel the itch, the incurable restlessness, to get  up out ofContinue reading “Janille in Paris ~ #ThrowbackThursday + #JNGWatches”

Wednesday Words #11 ~ Saving

Last year at around this time, I would’ve been heading to the theatre to see the musical Waitress. This was my first time seeing a play by myself…my husband was at work, and so I took myself and my unborn son (who I was about 7 months pregnant with) to downtown Toronto. I adored theContinue reading “Wednesday Words #11 ~ Saving”

The Persian ~ Le Personnage Principal of A Christmas Fairytale

All signs led to him. “I was immensely interested by this story of the Persian. I wanted, if there were still time, to find this valuable and eccentric witness. My luck began to improve and I discovered him in his little flat in the Rue de Rivoli….I also went into the past history of theContinue reading “The Persian ~ Le Personnage Principal of A Christmas Fairytale”

If We Were Villains ~ #JNGReads

If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio is a unique and engaging mystery novel, but unfortunately it failed to grip me quite as much as I thought it would. It is nearly impossible to say anything about this novel’s plot without including spoilers, so I will keep my summary short. If We Were Villains followsContinue reading “If We Were Villains ~ #JNGReads”

What’s The Buzz? The Most Underrated Books (…in my opinion!)

Recently, I was on Goodreads, about to add a fellow reader with similar bookish interests to mine as a friend when I was bombarded by his Friend Request Question. I think these questions are a lot of fun (I set one for my profile too) because it gives you a chance to immediately get toContinue reading “What’s The Buzz? The Most Underrated Books (…in my opinion!)”

Pipe Dreams

“And so it came about that Eliza’s luck held, and the expected opposition to the flower shop melted away. The shop is in the arcade of a railway station not very far from the Victoria and Albert Museum; and if you live in that neighborhood you may go there any day and buy a buttonholeContinue reading “Pipe Dreams”

Madman in the Attic – #JNGWatches

Hello again dear Readers! Today I have a special blog post for you all about a wonderful piece of theatre I experienced last night. My boyfriend SS and I like to go to plays every Valentine’s Day. Rather than buying each other expensive and unnecessary gifts, we like to give each other a fun, excitingContinue reading “Madman in the Attic – #JNGWatches”

Introductions – #JNGListens

“…no thoughts within her head, but thoughts of joy! No dreams within her heart but dreams of love!” – The Phantom of the Opera In most relationships, there’s always that tricky moment when you have to introduce your new love to your first (and usually former) love. This is exactly what I had to doContinue reading “Introductions – #JNGListens”