reintroduction – 2021 edition

Then, too, her imagination was full of pictures…scenes where he and she had been together.  CHARLOTTE BRONTË Hey there! Allow me to reintroduce myself to all of you lovely new readers who have been kind enough to join me here recently. ❤ I have been many things in my life so far–an academic, an assistant,Continue reading “reintroduction – 2021 edition”

2 years on…

my journey taking medication for my severe anxiety began 2 years ago. i was less than a week post-partum when my husband and parents had to rush me to Sunnybrook Hospital twice in less than 12 hours. despite being exhausted, i had not slept in 5 days. i could not sleep — even when someoneContinue reading “2 years on…”

wee reader 👶🏻💙

i don’t always read adult books. recently, i’ve been very interested in children’s lit. because of my 2 year old son (who has been interested in books from a young age — see below!) my husband & i purchased him a monthly book subscription from Mabel’s Fables bookstore in Toronto, and it was such aContinue reading “wee reader 👶🏻💙”