Weekend Recap ~ Fall & Forks ~ Some Disappointment!

Happy Weekend Everyone! My week was filled with some reading successes, as well as some crushing disappointments, and in true book blogger fashion, I documented it all. I also had a chance to sleep in a little bit this weekend, so that was undeniably a positive amidst some negatives… To Have and To Hold byContinue reading “Weekend Recap ~ Fall & Forks ~ Some Disappointment!”

Sunday Shelfie ~ Upcoming Reads (as Picked by my Hunky Hubby!)

Hello and Happy Sunday, dear Readers! I’m a bit of a book hoarder, I’ll be the first to admit. When it comes to buying paperbacks, I’m a loose canon, and I simply cannot be trusted in a bookstore, surrounded by gorgeous covers and crisp pages. For this reason, I’ve amassed about 35 books in myContinue reading “Sunday Shelfie ~ Upcoming Reads (as Picked by my Hunky Hubby!)”

Weekend Reading Recap, # 2 Million… ;)

Happy Monday, dear Readers! (Or as happy as a Monday can be…) I had a VERY productive weekend reading-wise, and so I wanted to provide you with reviews of the two texts I finished yesterday evening. One of them I had been reading for about a week, but the other was a quick and shortContinue reading “Weekend Reading Recap, # 2 Million… ;)”

February Long Weekend Reads

Wowza, it’s been a minute! Hello everyone! I realized when I logged onto my Goodreads account today that I have actually finished several books recently, and have posted reviews of them on Goodreads but not here on the blog. I thought today would be a good day to do a little recap as it isContinue reading “February Long Weekend Reads”

Short Stories, A Series & Science ~ #JNGReads

Hi everyone, and happy almost-Friday! Today I wanted to take the time to post some of the book reviews I’ve recently published on Goodreads. Since these reviews were relatively short (you know, what with me having a baby and all!), I thought it best to save them and compile them together into one blog postContinue reading “Short Stories, A Series & Science ~ #JNGReads”

JNG’s 2018 Reading Round Up

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for joining me as I round up my reads (the good and the bad) of 2018! I have to start by saying that I actually somehow managed to read 75 books this year!!!  I don’t mean to brag, but this is a pretty remarkable feat for me because IContinue reading “JNG’s 2018 Reading Round Up”

Roar ~ #JNGReads

I have to start this review with a disclaimer. The opinions that follow are simply my opinions about the short story collection Roar by Cecelia Ahern. If you particularly liked this collection, you may not enjoy this review. I seriously considered not posting a review of Roar because, to be honest, I don’t have much that’s niceContinue reading “Roar ~ #JNGReads”

Stardust ~ #JNGReads

✦ “The events that follow transpired many years ago. Queen Victoria was on the throne of England, but she was not yet the black-clad widow of Windsor: she had apples in her cheeks and a spring in her step, and Lord Melbourne often had cause to upbraid, gently, the young queen for her flightiness. SheContinue reading “Stardust ~ #JNGReads”

JNG 2017 Green Heart Awards

Hello dear Readers and welcome to 2018 on The World of my Green Heart! As you all know, 2017 (and particularly the end of the year) was an extremely busy and exciting year for me – I moved into a new home in a beautiful part of Toronto, I planned an epic (if I doContinue reading “JNG 2017 Green Heart Awards”