Ellis – A Study of the Bells, Part II

If you’ve been keeping up here on the blog, you’ll know that I recently delved into one of the only works by the Brontë sisters I had yet to read, Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, their first formally published work. I recently reviewed the works included in this tome by eldest sibling CurrerContinue reading “Ellis – A Study of the Bells, Part II”

Currer – A Study of the Bells, Part I

There are very few literary works by Charlotte Brontë that I haven’t read. I’ve read all of her famous novels (Fun Fact: Other than Jane Eyre, the ultimate Victorian romance, Shirley is my favourite, which is a rather unpopular opinion among Victorianists!), and I’ve also read several biographies of her life. Having said that, itContinue reading “Currer – A Study of the Bells, Part I”

And Write…

‘Fool,’ said my Muse to me, ‘look in thy heart and write’. – “Astrophil and Stella”, Sir Philip Sidney Welcome to 2016 here at The World of my Green Heart! To ring in the New Year and get myself amped up and excited for all the blog posts I intend to write in 2016, IContinue reading “And Write…”

Lady Janille and the Green Knight

Hello again Everyone! I’m back! I’ve returned home (only a 50 minute train ride, but never mind that) from my Toronto staycation and…I’m just as depressed and upset as I expected to be. I had the best 4 days in the city with my boyfriend and it was so amazing to be able to exploreContinue reading “Lady Janille and the Green Knight”

Kubla Confused

Some things never change apparently. I’ve recently (as in, last night) finished watching the new Netflix original series Marco Polo.  Now, let me start by saying that if you are my boyfriend (SS) STOP READING THIS POST IMMEDIATELY!!! Do you hear me???  STOP READING NOW!!!  As lovely and supportive as you are, this is oneContinue reading “Kubla Confused”

Thoughts on a Master’s Contemplations

I’ve recently (finally) started a full-time position at a company I am very proud and excited to work for. Fortunately for me, the lover of all things French, my position involves quite a bit of contact with the French language…so I determined that it was time for my first ever French literary review. I hadContinue reading “Thoughts on a Master’s Contemplations”