Weekend Recap ~ The Rut 1.0

Happy weekend, Dear Readers, and happy end of summer! I personally am ready for all things Fall, and could not be happier to see pumpkins in stores and feel a crisp breeze in the air. Bring on Christmas! While the weather is definitely starting to be to my liking recently, my reading endeavours have beenContinue reading “Weekend Recap ~ The Rut 1.0”

Real Motherhood Talk ~ #BadFeminist

Let’s talk about what I really think of the term “feminism”. I’ve always had a sense that I’m not a very good feminist. As you probably already know if you’ve read anything over here on my blog, I am the very definition of a hopeless romantic. I will consume any sort of romantic story, whetherContinue reading “Real Motherhood Talk ~ #BadFeminist”

Final February Reads ~ Hello Spring!

Hi Everyone and happy March! Perhaps it’s a bit ambitious of me to be welcoming spring here on my blog, but I feel like March is definitely a month of transition, and although the weather still isn’t that beautiful in Toronto, we are certainly moving toward a warmer climate and nicer days. I personally can’tContinue reading “Final February Reads ~ Hello Spring!”

February Long Weekend Reads

Wowza, it’s been a minute! Hello everyone! I realized when I logged onto my Goodreads account today that I have actually finished several books recently, and have posted reviews of them on Goodreads but not here on the blog. I thought today would be a good day to do a little recap as it isContinue reading “February Long Weekend Reads”

Blue Monday Motivation ~ Wise Words To Live By

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday! As you may know if you’ve read some of my recent posts, 2019 was an incredibly difficult year for me. Although it gave me some of the happiest moments of my life (namely the birth of my son, Dorian), it was also an incredibly trying year, comprised of severe anxiety,Continue reading “Blue Monday Motivation ~ Wise Words To Live By”

Pre-Baby Book Reviews ~ #JNGReads

Happy Hump Day, dear Readers! I’m back this evening with a whole bunch of book reviews. I have to be honest, my intention was to hold onto these reviews and post them as part of bigger, themed entries with reviews for a few other books I’m hoping to read soon…but then, it hit me allContinue reading “Pre-Baby Book Reviews ~ #JNGReads”

Understanding the Science of Stress ~ #JNGReads ~ A New Non-Fiction Favourite

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” – Paradise Lost, John Milton I have always loved this quote from Paradise Lost. I have it written down in several notebooks, typed out on a sticky note on my laptop that I frequently scroll over,Continue reading “Understanding the Science of Stress ~ #JNGReads ~ A New Non-Fiction Favourite”

Two Quick Reviews on a Sunny Sunday ~ #JNGReads

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to plop two short reviews on here today, to wrap up my reading from this week. I also managed to finish P.S. I Still love You by Jenny Han this week, and you can read my longer review of it here, if you’re interested. The Rome Affair by Karen Swan IContinue reading “Two Quick Reviews on a Sunny Sunday ~ #JNGReads”