A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!

Oh my word and a half, it has been wayyy too long since I posted a book review here on the blog! There’s no reason for this at all because I have been reading voraciously and have actually finished over 40 books this year so far, which is pretty epic, if I do say soContinue reading “A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!”

Brontë Season

I will always regard April as BrontĂ« Season, probably because Charlotte’s birthday is on April 21st. For this reason, I have always felt that April is the perfect time to read works by the BrontĂ«s, and considering that they lived on the bleak, cold and rainy moors of Haworth, it is particularly fitting that IContinue reading “BrontĂ« Season”

JNG’s 2018 Reading Round Up

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you for joining me as I round up my reads (the good and the bad) of 2018! I have to start by saying that I actually somehow managed to read 75 books this year!!!  I don’t mean to brag, but this is a pretty remarkable feat for me because IContinue reading “JNG’s 2018 Reading Round Up”

Ivy League ~ Halloween 2017

This is just a quick post to let you all know what I got up to for Halloween this weekend. When I went shopping 2 weeks ago for a costume for a Halloween birthday party, I truly had no idea what I wanted to dress up as. I figured I would just browse through theContinue reading “Ivy League ~ Halloween 2017”

Second Chances

Well, I decided to have another go at this whole graphic novel business. Actually, that’s a lie; my hand was forced a little bit to be honest. SS came to my house on Friday night and he had a whole bunch of graphic novels with him
which kind of leads me to believe that he neverContinue reading “Second Chances”

The Victorian Soul Wants the Victorian Epic

I apologize for the serious delay in posts over the last little while. I would make up a few excuses about my hectic schedule and busy lifestyle if the reason for my absence wasn’t so perfect and valid – I have been reading a literary text that I just can’t think of very much toContinue reading “The Victorian Soul Wants the Victorian Epic”