A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!

Oh my word and a half, it has been wayyy too long since I posted a book review here on the blog! There’s no reason for this at all because I have been reading voraciously and have actually finished over 40 books this year so far, which is pretty epic, if I do say soContinue reading “A Much Overdue Update ~ #JNGReads A WHOLE LOT!!!”

The Perfect Nanny ~ #JNGReads

I must admit from the start that there will inevitably be SPOILERS about The Perfect Nanny in this review. It’s difficult to talk about the plot or premise at all without them, so if you’d like to go into the novel not knowing anything about it, do not read any further. It should suffice forContinue reading “The Perfect Nanny ~ #JNGReads”

The Persian ~ Le Personnage Principal of A Christmas Fairytale

All signs led to him. “I was immensely interested by this story of the Persian. I wanted, if there were still time, to find this valuable and eccentric witness. My luck began to improve and I discovered him in his little flat in the Rue de Rivoli….I also went into the past history of theContinue reading “The Persian ~ Le Personnage Principal of A Christmas Fairytale”

La Ville de QuĂ©bec

Long time, no talk! I’m back from my short trip to QuĂ©bec City, and I have tons of stories and photos to share with you all. Let me start by saying that QuĂ©bec City is absolutely beautiful! I’ve been to Europe twice now, once to London and parts of England and the other time toContinue reading “La Ville de QuĂ©bec”

Introductions – #JNGListens

“…no thoughts within her head, but thoughts of joy! No dreams within her heart but dreams of love!” – The Phantom of the Opera In most relationships, there’s always that tricky moment when you have to introduce your new love to your first (and usually former) love. This is exactly what I had to doContinue reading “Introductions – #JNGListens”

By Heart – #JNGListens …over…and over…and over…

Today, I’ll be interrupting the recent Christmas cheer here on the blog to discuss one of the greatest influences in my life. I know that’s a pretty bold and serious statement to make, but I think it’s definitely true.  The piece of pop culture that I’m about to talk about has been a significant partContinue reading “By Heart – #JNGListens …over…and over…and over…”

Thoughts on a Master’s Contemplations

I’ve recently (finally) started a full-time position at a company I am very proud and excited to work for. Fortunately for me, the lover of all things French, my position involves quite a bit of contact with the French language…so I determined that it was time for my first ever French literary review. I hadContinue reading “Thoughts on a Master’s Contemplations”