I read The Bench by Meghan Markle and I have THOUGHTS! – Book Review

I should actually say that I read The Bench by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but Meghan and Harry lost their Duke and Duchess titles when they left the royal fold, didn’t they? Is she still able to use the title Duchess of Sussex anymore? I could be totallyContinue reading “I read The Bench by Meghan Markle and I have THOUGHTS! – Book Review”

For Dorian

I was terrified of becoming a mother before it happened. And when I fell pregnant, I literally fell into it without much time to overthink or prepare. My life changed in that moment that I saw the positive pregnancy test, and I immediately became someone I had never been before. I had to embrace thisContinue reading “For Dorian”

Speak YOUR Truth

I’ve just finished watching Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah, and I had some thoughts I wanted to share on it. I’ve said on this blog before that there are two sides to every story. I know this from my own experiences while I was pregnant; I know how words and circumstances canContinue reading “Speak YOUR Truth”

Death’s Door

The week after my son’s birth in 2019 was without doubt the hardest of my life. I’ve spoken before about our serious postpartum anxiety and depression are, but to say that my experiences after my son’s birth were among the scariest of my existence is an understatement. Without going into too much upsetting detail, thereContinue reading “Death’s Door”

On Screen

I wasn’t able to breast feed my son for more than a week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to be the absolute best mother I can possibly be for him. For my husband and me, part of giving our son the best foot forward in the future in terms of mental and emotionalContinue reading “On Screen”

Like Coming Home

“‘You do not fear. You do not falter.’” – RHYSAND Velaris: my home away from home.  One of the techniques that is suggested as a means of getting through labour and contractions is visualization. You think about a happy place, somewhere you feel safe and warm, and imagine that you are there instead of havingContinue reading “Like Coming Home”

And Then There Was D

Funny story: my dad has wanted me to have a baby fooorever. No, but like, actually. Ever since I started dating my now husband, my dad would have these incredibly vivid dreams where he was holding my child. Or where I was telling him I was pregnant. Or where he was at a sporting eventContinue reading “And Then There Was D”

Wednesday Words #4 – Save Me

“I needed saving and a good mistake needed making.” – From Waitress The Musical The summer when I was pregnant, I decided to take a solo adventure. My husband was at work, I was on a reluctant sick leave, and I spent most of my days sleeping in until 1:00pm due to severe anxiety andContinue reading “Wednesday Words #4 – Save Me”