2 years on…

my journey taking medication for my severe anxiety began 2 years ago.

i was less than a week post-partum when my husband and parents had to rush me to Sunnybrook Hospital twice in less than 12 hours. despite being exhausted, i had not slept in 5 days. i could not sleep — even when someone was watching Dorian and i got a chance to lie down, my brain would not quiet. i truly feared i would never have a restful night again and it was the scariest experience i have ever head. i felt like i was breaking from the inside out.

i had always resisted taking medication in high school and university, and i see now that it was out of pride. i had this naive idea in my head that i was strong enough to deal with my anxiety myself. but i’ve learned since that true strength is in asking for help, in admitting your vulnerabilities and not being afraid of them.

going on medication was absolutely the best decision for me. it has made me a better mother to Dorian and a better version of myself. medication is not for everyone, though…but one thing i think we can all agree on is that everyone should be able to ask for help and receive compassion when confronting any mental illness.

✌️ & ♥️

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