Wednesday Words #7 – Why We Write

“That’s why writers write–to say things loudly with ink.”


I think this is also why tattoo artists tattoo, hahaha! (Speaking of which, I am dyyying to get my next tattoo…lockdown end, pleaseee!)

What is there really to say about this quote other than what it says itself?! It’s so true, I believe – my experience with writing has always been this need to get words on paper, to spill my heart out with a pen. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a writer lately, particularly as I read a lot of self-published books on my new Kindle. Does someone have to be published in the conventional sense, by a brick and mortar publishing company, in order to be a writer? Is posting my poems on Instagram enough to earn me that title? Is sharing my creative writing on my own, personal blog enough?

I think it is. I think this quote emphasizes the fact that anyone who feels this irresistible, unmistakable urge to make stories with ink is a writer. No tradition or standards can deny that…and so, I am honoured to consider myself to be part of this group (and I thank you for reading my words, so much!).


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