Hiya! – Reading Lifestyle Updates

Hello all!

It’s me, Janille N G…back and ready to write!

I have been remiss the last week, not uploading according to my “regular” schedule. But, that’s because A LOT has been going on at home: some redecoration, lots of growing on the part of my dear little boy, walks to the local park with my adorable family, as well as some reading lifestyle changes.

For awhile, I didn’t have much to say here. I’ll admit, part of it was the Corona Effect, over a year of this pandemic beginning to take its toll on me. More than anything, I miss hugging my grandparents and chatting over coffee with my two best girlfriends. It kind of seems like this Covid situation is never-ending, but at the same time, it is more unbelievable to think that we will soon be getting back to normal (whatever normal is after all this). I’m sick of it all, but also somewhat apprehensive to get back into society…never mind doing so without my mask.

There’s still so much speculation, though, so I’m deciding to just take things one day at a time and enjoy the quiet moments as much as I can because, hopefully very soon, life is going to get loud again.

With that in mind, I decided recently to make a hugely significant purchase (for me, anyway)… *drum roll please* A Kindle e-reader. This was a momentous decision for me as I am absolutely, positively IN LOVE with physical books (the smell! the weight!) and always will be. That being said, there were a few romance authors whose works I was dying to read and they were only available on Kindle Unlimited…so, in what amounts to a fever dream, I placed an order for a Kindle Paperwhite and haven’t looked back in the last week, devouring books faster than you can say “smut fest”. It is an adjustment in some ways, but more than anything in opens me up to a whole new world of indie romances that I never realized I was missing out on. Sure, I do somewhat miss the feel of pages beneath my fingers, but I have 2.5 million physical books on my shelf to read, so I’m not too worried. 

With all that said, if you’re interested in keeping up on what I’m reading at any given moment, I’d love for you to join me on Goodreads and/or Twitter where I post real-time updates on my reads. Come say Hi! 😀


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