A Bit About Me

I am a lover of literature, of all genres and varieties.

I spend most of my time in libraries, and most of my life in the world of my imagination.

I prefer fictional characters to real people in almost all circumstances…and I do not think it is strange to have conversations with them,  in my head or aloud.

Today’s piece of personal writing that I’d like to share with all of you isn’t exactly a creative piece, but it is a few lines I was really proud of writing.

When I signed up for my Goodreads account way back when, I felt that I needed a short and snappy bio that would emphasize my love of books but also speak a bit about who I am more generally, as a person. With that in mind, I wrote the three lines above and promptly fell in love with the description. For a very long time, it resided here on my blog as well.

Sure, it doesn’t say everything about me, but what bio ever does? It gives an insight into my passions and the things that are important to me, for sure, and insofar as any life can be boiled down to three lines, it does a pretty good job.

Is it me 100%, all of the time? Definitely not. But it is a part of jng nonetheless.

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