And I Didn’t Even Know It

Maybe I am a poet after all?

Probably not, as I’m not convinced any poems I write are any good. But at least I try, right? Isn’t it the thought that counts?

This past week, I felt compelled for whatever reason to sit down and write 7 poems. I know, that’s a damn lot of poems for someone who’s not a poet, isn’t it? They all follow a similar theme of love lost, and it was 6:00am when the words just sprang into my mind, poems fully formed. I just couldn’t help but write them down and my heart told me I had to share them.

Here they are… And if you’re at all interested, I posted them first on my writing Instagram account @jngecrit which I am incredibly proud of and has encouraged me to push my own creative boundaries this year so far.

Looking forward to sharing more pieces of myself with you all as 2021 progresses…and thank you, as always, for reading!


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