Wednesday Words #5 – The Ton

“It is you I cannot sacrifice.”

From Bridgerton

Everyone and their mom was begging me to watch Bridgerton about a month ago.

I’m not even joking: my own mom was the loudest among them.

Yes, I love a good costume drama. Is there a new period piece coming out in theatres? My ticket is already purchased. A Victorian novel can be 1,000+ pages and I will happily turn its pages for hours.

But, for some reason, I was reluctant to watch Bridgerton. It seemed altogether too silly to me from the memes and clips I had seen on Instagram, and, I’ll admit, the huge hype surrounding it made me a bit annoyed. I had spent years studying Victorian narratives, and now because Shonda Rimes decided to produce a period drama, everyone thought they were fans of bygone days and always had been? Pfft. I felt that I would watch Bridgerton and be annoyed by it more than anything else.

And then, one night, I decided to give in and turn it on. My son was dozing, my husband was reading before bed, and I was between books. I thought, “Meh, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll give it one episode.”

I was hooked, damn it. Something about the show was just so purely entertaining and enjoyable that I eagerly pressed Play on episode 2. And episode 3. And so on until it was 2:00am. I did the same thing the very next night and finished the series in only 2 days (for someone who is not a binger by any means, this was a BIG DEAL!).

Is Bridgerton the best show out there? No, let’s be honest. Is it the best period piece? Also no. But is it a darn fun ride? Absolutely. Also, is The Duke sexy AF? Ummm YEAH!!! 

I don’t know what gave Bridgerton a special spot in my heart, but last weekend when I was feeling under the weather, I felt this urge to put the show on. Not to start from the beginning because, tbh, if it’s not part of the Daphne-Duke storyline, then I don’t really care much about it. (Okay, I do have a bit of a crush on Daphne’s oldest brother as well…but come on, did you see him shirtless? DREAM-Y!!!) There are some moments in the series, however, that warmed my heart, that reminded me of myself and my husband, that made my heart skip a beat. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that I watched the show myself, curled up on my new sofa with my husband and son quietly slumbering in the next room? I don’t know, but something about it just made me feel warm and cozy. It took my mind off literally everything and was the picture perfect escape.

All this to say, I’d recommend Bridgerton. I didn’t want to like it, lord knows. I wanted to be a snob about it. But, ultimately, it was just too sugary sweet not to love.


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  1. Brenda (Mom) says:

    Hmmm…I told you!!!

    1. janilleng says:

      Hahaha yes you did!

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