Love is Religion

Happy Valentine’s Day my dears!

What better day to share my perspective on love than today.

I’ve never been a very religious person. I attended a Catholic elementary and high school mostly because my parents wanted me to, but I never really bought into what they were selling. (My dad is now an atheist, so that tells you how much anyone in my family really cared about Catholic ideology.)

When I was in grade 9 English class, though, and read Romeo and Juliet for the first time, I started to fancy this idea that there was something else out there: some over-arching narrative or force that was watching over all of us and nudging us in the right direction in life. I decided to call this force Fate because, well, why not? I was a budding writer after all, a lover of literature, and Fate was a thematic device I clung to with a sincere passion. I felt convinced that she would lead me to the one thing I wanted most of all: True Love.

Perhaps, at times, I ascribed a bit too much in my life to this elusive mistress Fate, but I also never let myself forget that I was the owner of my individual decisions. I simply liked that idea that if I went a bit out of my comfort zone, I could feel that Fate gently pushed me down a road I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. And maybe that was because she was bringing me closer to finding the love of my life? It was a nice thought that I chose to feed into…and one day, I do believe it paid off…

On a bleak and rainy Thursday during my Master’s, I decided to go to Hart House at the University of Toronto to finish my day’s readings, rather than immediately heading home like I normally would and doing them there. That very night, I sat across from a dark-eyed guy with a really sweet smile…long story short, 7 years later and he is my husband and the father of my son. Did Fate whisper in my ear that I should go to Hart House that evening? Who knows, but I certainly like to think so.


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