I have 0 tolerance for book BS at the moment.

I mean it. I’ve DNF’d more books this year than is decent. I used to not DNF books at all, slogging through some pretty horrific stories. 

But this year, something in me has snapped.

My tolerance for bullshit in general recently has become very thin, what with Lady Rona still wagging her finger at us all. In particular with books, though, I am so quick to drop a novel that seems like utter drivel that it’s actually comical. Recently, I read all of 3 pages of a book (thankfully an ebook I had borrowed from the local library at no expense) before closing it and thinking to myself, “No, no more of this.”

The 4 books I’ve finished at the time of writing this post have been thoroughly enjoyable, so that’s something. Normally I would’ve finished probably double that number of books by this time already, however, and I am definitely lagging a bit this year compared to past years.

One of the four enjoyable books I have read this year!

Should reading be more about quality than quantity though? What is the point of these arbitrary reading goals anyway? If I read three 1,000+ page books this year, and my friend reads 3 million 100 page books, are these reading experiences perceived differently? Why? And if I read only one book but it changes my life completely (I’m talking a Jane Eyre-level reading experience here) is that more significant than if I had read 100 times that number?

The funny thing is I have actually spent more time writing this post tonight than actually reading. Hahaha! What do y’all have to say about that?


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