I’m Back, Babes!

Hello and TGIF!

I don’t have much to say today other than: I’m back, b!tchezzz!

Things were looking a bit rough for my 2021 reading journey at the start of this month. I’ll be honest, I had a few false starts, DNFing 2 books in as many weeks because my mind just could not get into them. 

I was starting to panic a little when I decided to just bite the bullet and use my credit card to rectify the situation. *shrug* I popped onto the Indigo website and placed a massive Karen Swan order, adding a bunch of her novels that I haven’t read yet to my cart and pressing “Purchase”!

One of these 4 books was The Christmas Lights and God truly bless this novel. I was up until 3am last week finishing it, turning pages faster than you can say “Suck it, Reading Rut!” I was absolutely overcome by the NEED to know what would happen next to the characters, and even though my husband and son were out like lights, I plowed away well past my bedtime, my little reading light glowing in the darkness.

Since this wonderful, 5-star reading experience, I’ve decided to be a bit more honest with myself at the moment as it relates to reading. I feel like if I read a lot of rom-coms this year (or at least during the first few months of this year) and not much else, I need to be really okay with that. Normally I’ll try to cycle in a more “literary” read here and there, maybe throw in a more serious or non-fiction work every now and then, perhaps try to go out of my genre comfort zone. But this year, I think my mind is just a bit too tired for all that…I think I need to stick to my creature comforts for the time being and let myself wind down with the tried and true stories I know and love. Which generally happen to be somewhat predictable, Happily Ever After romances…

So be it, if you ask me. Isn’t the world dreary enough right now? Can’t I at least ask for the characters I meet to be out-of-this-world happy?


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