Wednesday Words #2 – The Life You Want

“If you can’t appreciate what you’ve got, you’d better get what you can appreciate.”

– from Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Hey there, what are you up to today? Sitting around in quarantine, not doing much of anything?

Great, sounds like you have tons of time on your hands to watch My Fair Lady! Enjoy!

No…seriously…if you have never seen the movie My Fair Lady, go watch it ASAP! I guarantee that Rex Harrison’s performance as Henry Higgins will put a huge smile on your face and have you laughing hysterically at both his outdated, misogynistic views and the breakneck pace at which he rants (rather than sings) his lyrics. Nothing could possibly make you happier in isolated lockdown, I promise you.

My forever crush on Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins aside, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw served as the source material for My Fair Lady, and it is perfect in so many ways. I highly recommend reading the play as it will take you a few hours at most. But, if you don’t have time to do both that and watch My Fair Lady today (I recommend you do at least one!), at least spend a moment pondering the quote above.

Isn’t that the truth? If you don’t have a life that you can truly appreciate and be grateful for, why not make your life into it? If you aren’t realizing all of your dreams and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude each day because of it, then maybe your life needs a bit of changing?

I think what Henry Higgins is saying in this quote is actually quite simple but nevertheless extremely powerful. He is saying that life is short, fleeting, inconsistent, so why spend time with people, things, in places that you don’t fully appreciate as wonderful and exceptional? If you’re not feeling passionate about anything in your life, then what point is there to leading that life at all? If Covid has taught me one thing it’s that there’s no point in waiting, delaying, hesitating. What if you do that and then don’t get a chance to say Yes tomorrow to the thing you said No to yesterday? What if this is your one chance and it passes you by?

I take Henry Higgins’ quote as a sign to wear that sweater I’ve been “saving” for a special occasion, to buy that book series I’ve been wanting to read forever, to dance to that song in the middle of the afternoon, to eat that delicious cookie that I’ve been staring at in the grocery store. Because, if you don’t create a life full of little things you appreciate, then you’re not really creating a fulfilling life at all!


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