What Have I Done?

Who even am I anymore?

Does anyone truly know the answer to this after the trying year that was 2020?

I wrote about this earlier in the week, but the bottom line is that last year was one in which we were all, to some degree, forced to re-evaluate our priorities, rethink what is truly important to us and how we want to define our identity.

For me, writing on my blog was not much of a priority last year and, indeed, I don’t know how much of one it will be this year either. But, what I do know is that so far I have felt this irresistible urge to write, to create, and that has led me to this little spot on the internet where I may very well be speaking into the void, but at least I am speaking.

Last night when I was taking a look at my blog The World of my Green Heart something no longer felt right. It’s not that I’m no longer that passionate young woman who felt so disheartened with her academic experiences that she decided to create a hub where she could rant and rave and gush about books. I am very much that woman still. However, I am also someone totally different – in the last several years I have become a wife and a mother, and while I felt that The World of my Green Heart was a space for fantasizing and daydreaming, I now crave a space that is more indicative of the life I have actually created for myself and that I am so very proud of.

So, with a bit of “rebranding” work last night (if you can even call it that), JNG’s Librairie emerged. 

What can you expect from this new-ish blog? The same old things, but with a bit more of a wizened lens. Again, I don’t want to pressure myself to write anything in particular, but I do want to be able to share every part of my life and my identity, and I felt that owning up to who I am currently was a big part of that.

Also, I may still love the colour green (and always will), but something about purple has really spoken to me in recent years…so I thought, if I can change my hair colour, why can’t I change my blog colour too?

Thank you, as always, from the bottom of my forever green heart for wanting to read about my life and for being so kind!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I look forward to reading all your wonderful posts!

    1. janilleng says:

      Thank you so much for reading! ♥️

  2. Michael Ajram says:

    JNG Librairie is cute.

    1. janilleng says:

      Thank you so much!!! ♥️

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