Lady Night – My Newest iOS14 Aesthetic

“‘You don’t think I know how stories get written, how this story will be written?

I am the dark lord who stole away the bride of spring.

I am a demon, and a nightmare, and I will meet a bad end.’”

– Rhysand

Hello again, it’s me!

I mentioned in my last blog post (which was only 2 days ago – win!) that I’ve created like 7 iPhone aesthetics since November, right?

Well, this time, I really think I’ve nailed it, guys! This one is the clear superior…for now anyway, haha.

I felt in my heart that you would all be interested in seeing it as it’s book-related, and I thought I’d also jot down some tricks that I use for quickly and easily creating my aesthetics. If you’d like to watch the YouTube video that taught me literally everything I know about this, take a look at my original blog post on the subject here.

*drum roll please*

Here she is: the Lady Night Aesthetic, of course inspired by the novel A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I’m extremely pleased with this one as it is truly calming to look at and is pretty appealing to the eye, I must say.

Now, here are my helpful hints for how to create your own aesthetic…

(1) Pick your theme. Easier said than done, but this can be based on a colour, favourite holiday (I did a Christmas aesthetic back in November), particular quote, a single word…whatever you want! The sky is truly the limit!

(2) Find and download all the images that speak to you/that you want to include in your aesthetic first. I find all my images on Pinterest, and I find the best thing is to have them all laid out in front of me before I begin playing around with the layout of my phone. I usually start by saving any photo that speaks to me and fits my particular theme, and then I’ll fill in any gaps at the end if necessary. I also really like to use quotes in my aesthetics, so I will generally decide that I want, say, 2 quotes minimum and that helps me narrow down my image search.

(3) Decide on a layout you like for each page of your phone. I’ve been playing around with my aesthetics long enough to know how I like my pages and apps arranged, and I generally stick to these page layouts regardless of what aesthetic/theme I’m using at the moment. This makes it easy to swap pictures in and out without having to rejig all my apps too much.

(4) Once your aesthetic is pretty much done, save all your photos into a specific folder on your phone. That way, you can easily refer back to them if you ever want to look at your aesthetic on a grander scale and decide if any one image needs an update.

And that’s about it…not too difficult at all, and a truly fun, fulfilling pastime for any of these mundane days we’re spending inside lately.

If you’ve created an aesthetic you love, please please let me know in the comments below!


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