Merry & Bright <3

Is it ever too early in the year to start celebrating Christmas?

Not in my opinion. And, since my birthday is in November, I think I’m an authority on the matter as I believe spending my birthday beside a Christmas tree is the most lovely thing in the world.

With my birthday only 3 days away, my husband, son and I spent last night engaging in all things holly and jolly. We put on the Christmas jingles and got our tree out (which took longer than expected since my husband really got into the cliché and had a wrestle with the Christmas lights).

Then, I just couldn’t resist making my technological surroundings more festive too, and so I decided to change my iOS14 aesthetic (yes, again!) to something more in the Christmas spirit. The results are below and I am filled with warmth and joy every time I open my phone. I adore it!

Are you ready for the holiday season? imho, 2020 has been trying enough…might as well get into the ho-ho-happy mood a bit early!



Girl with a Green Heart

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