Monday Memory ~ A Blender?!

Quarantine life has been a remarkable time to go through some of the old photos on my phone and computer and reminisce about times past.

In my perusal, I’ve found so many funny pictures of my husband and I throughout our courtship, and I’ve been reminded of the happiest days we’ve spent together. With these warm feelings in mind and a desire to share them, I thought it would be fun to post a throwback photo on some Mondays now and again, along with a story describing what the photo represents to me. I felt this might be a pleasant way to focus on the positive in these strange times.

So, without further ado, here’s the first photo…

Yes, this is a picture of me holding a mini blender Christmas tree ornament. Why is this funny? you might be wondering.

Well, one of my favourite movies since I was a kid is Father of the Bride (the Steve Martin version) and one of my favourite scenes was always when Annie Banks comes home raging and crying, telling her father that her wedding to Brian Mackenzie is off because…*ominous music*…he bought her a blender for her anniversary. This scene is hilarious because George (Annie’s father) desperately wants Annie to break off her engagement because he is afraid of losing his baby girl…but at the same time, he recognizes that she is sliiightly overreacting by viewing a blender as an old-fashioned, misogynistic gift. Annie is concerned that Brian will want her to play the 1950’s housewife, but George rightly notes that he might just want her to be able to “blend things” in their own home in the future. I’ve always found it so funny that Annie reacts in this way, and while I understand her fears and jitters, I agree with George that Brian’s intentions were genuine. That being said, I’m a bit of an Annie Banks myself and am definitely prone to flying off the handle at times, so when I spotted this blender ornament in a store just days before my own wedding, I simply had to have my husband take this photo and send it to my parents with a text saying, “The wedding is off! SS bought me this blender!” They laughed out loud, and I always get a giggle whenever I come across this photo on my phone!

There’s today’s Monday Memory!



Girl with a Green Heart

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