Sunday Shelfie ~ Upcoming Reads (as Picked by my Hunky Hubby!)

Hello and Happy Sunday, dear Readers!

I’m a bit of a book hoarder, I’ll be the first to admit. When it comes to buying paperbacks, I’m a loose canon, and I simply cannot be trusted in a bookstore, surrounded by gorgeous covers and crisp pages.

For this reason, I’ve amassed about 35 books in my apartment that have yet to be read. (This is considering the fact that I have already read over 50 books this year alone, so you can imagine how many To-Read books I had to begin with…) Understandably, my husband was getting a bit frustrated recently, not by the fact that we have all of these books in our home (we are OBSESSED with bookish décor!), but because he sees me picking up so many books out of excitement and then…well, basically forgetting to read them as they sit in my massive piles.

So, having had enough once and for all, my husband decided to sort through my stacks and pull out the next pile that I will be reading… He arranged the books neatly in no particular order and said I can choose to read any of the books in this pile, in any order, as long as the book is indeed from this pile and this pile only. He called this a “reading challenge”, knowing that I would have no choice but to accept.

Here it is, my upcoming reads pile, as selected by my hunky but devious hubby…

Do you see any of your favourites among them? If so, which one do you think I should pick up first? I do have some e-books on hold on my library’s app, so those will have to be read when I receive them, but other than those, I am determined to read this pile before turning to any other books…wish me luck!


Girl with a Green Heart

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