Real Motherhood Talk ~ Never Have I Ever…

…been a fan of coffee. But, now apparently I am. #tiredmom

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No, just kidding, that’s not what this post is really about (although, I have been drinking caramel macchiatos and iced americanos from Starbucks a lot lately!). Before today, believe it or not, I had never been on a solo excursion with my almost 5 month old son. As I mentioned in a previous post detailing my severe post-partum anxiety, I spent the first 3 months of Dorian’s life staying with my parents in my hometown, and so I didn’t have much need or opportunity to go out with Dorian alone. When we returned to our home in Toronto after Christmas, the weather was too snowy, cold and grey to offer chances to venture outside, and although I would sometimes go out with Dorian on weekends with my husband, I never attempted to take him out during the week alone…that is, until today.

The weather today in Toronto is quite balmy for February, at a lovely 8 degrees Celsius. Although this isn’t necessarily considered warm by other country’s standards, in Canada, it’s positively spring-like, and I decided early in the day that I wanted to take Dorian out for a little walk to the local Starbucks during the afternoon.

We just got home and I have to say, we had a fabulous time, even if Dorian was a bit unimpressed with the fresh air at first. He didn’t smile at all on our walk over to Starbucks, but luckily, once we got there and he started to get attention from the other patrons (since he is, if I do say so myself, quite a cute baby), he perked right up! We then went on a bit of a longer walk around our block and the local park, and it felt incredible to be out with my baby as the proud mama that I am.

I remember when one of my good friends from university had a baby boy a few years ago and travelled over an hour on the train with him to visit me at my bridal shower. I was totally in awe of her and I wondered if I would ever be able to make a similar excursion myself when I was a mother. If you asked me this a few months ago, I would’ve said, Heck no! But, today, I feel like I could go anywhere and do anything with my beautiful baby boy, and I am so excited to show him my favourite places around the city once the weather gets a bit nicer.

All this to say that, today felt like a motherhood success for me. Certainly, not every day is this easy and who knows, tomorrow might be super hard and stressful. I’m learning to take the little wins as they come, though, and after the incredibly hard fourth trimester I endured, I am overjoyed to be coming out the other side with a huge smile on my face and a renewed sense of adventure!

Janille N G

Girl with a Green Heart

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