February Long Weekend Reads

Wowza, it’s been a minute! Hello everyone!

I realized when I logged onto my Goodreads account today that I have actually finished several books recently, and have posted reviews of them on Goodreads but not here on the blog. I thought today would be a good day to do a little recap as it is a long weekend in Toronto, and all of these books were short enough that they could probably be finished during an extra long weekend. I really quite enjoyed each one, even if none of them were my favourite, and I would definitely recommend Touch and How To Build A Girl as excellent reads to get engrossed in if you have a couple of days free!

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

I’m sad to say that I didn’t love this book. I expected it to be far funnier than it was, and while I was entertained enough, I didn’t find myself laughing out loud at any points. “The Late Show” was my favourite essay and was the closest to getting me laughing, but unfortunately, I just don’t think this was my brand of humour.

❥❥❥ (out of 5)

Touch by Courtney Maum

I had a bit of a rough start with this one, and it wasn’t until around page 50 that I really got into it. At that point, I really took a liking to Sloane, and even Jin and Anastasia (a driverless car!) endeared themselves to me. I do feel this novel was more character-driven than plot-based, but as someone who is a bit old-fashioned and often fed up with technology, I really liked the takeaway message that interpersonal connection is a necessary constant. 

I truly thought, in the first few pages, that I’d be giving this one 2 stars, but I am so glad that turned out not to be the case! 

❥❥❥.5 (out of 5)

Fortuna Sworn by K.J. Sutton

I don’t really feel like I can review this book right now because I am a huge fan of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series (which I believe to be superior) and I am still unsure how I feel about how similar this novel was to it. I was intrigued by the ending though, enough to continue with the series in the future.

❥❥❥ (out of 5)

How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran

I don’t know why I put off reading this book for so long (I’ve had it sitting in my living room for over a year) because it was freaking BRILLIANT!!! I cannot get over how witty and unique Johanna’s narrative voice is…I was hooked from page one! Somehow, this reminds me of To Kill A Mockingbird…even though the subject matter is, of course, hugely different, it is an equally engaging bildungsroman where you can’t help but fall in love with and root for the main character. And this one is damn FUNNY too! Loved it!!!

❥❥❥❥.5 (out of 5)

My Favourite Quote

“I’m learning a whole new thing: that sometimes, love isn’t observable or noisy or tangible. That sometimes, love is anonymous. Sometimes, love is silent.”

Quantum Entanglement for Babies by Chris Ferrie

I don’t know if I’m smart enough for this “children’s” book (is anyone?). Weirdly, my 4 month old smiled and laughed a lot as we read it, so maybe he is smarter than me…?! A baby genius…?! Or maybe he just liked the funny, simplistic faces of Bob and Alice?

In any case, this is a fun read, but if you asked me what it’s actually about…well, all I can do is shrug!

❥❥❥ (out of 5)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!



Girl with a Green Heart

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