Real Motherhood Talk ~ Perfection

I used to think perfection meant everything being in its place. I used to think perfection meant straight A’s, or being so good at your job that you’re lauded as “the best employee we’ve ever had”. I used to think perfection was synonymous with organization and order. 

Well, now, these definitions have been forced to change. 

Now, the bed remains unmade some days because my son is asleep on it. Now, there is an extra load of laundry to do on the weekends. Now, a few dishes stay in the sink over night because I don’t want to disturb my son with noise. Now, there is a playmat on my floor that was previously clean and empty.

Don’t get me wrong, my home is still obsessively clean by regular standards. My son’s bottles are arranged just so, full and ready to be served. His toys are neatly kept in a Spiderman toybox I bought for him. His clothes are sorted by age, his books in alphabetical order…and yet, our space is forever changed, small tokens of childhood in random places, everywhere you look. 

I may never be the best employee or student again, but I will be the best mom. My home may never again be spotless, but it will be a place of joy and laughter. And, my space may never be totally organized, but there will be such beauty in its newfound chaos. 

My little family may not be totally clean and orderly…but, believe me, it is absolutely perfect. 💚

Janille N G

Girl (& Mama) with a Green Heart

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