♡♡♡ ~ Catch Up Time!

Sorry for the crickets around here recently, everyone!

I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks with starting a new dream job, starting to read a giant series, and planning and actually going on my belated honeymoon (!!!). All this has meant that I’ve had limited time for blogging, which I am seriously sorry about! At the same time, however, the most important thing, in my mind, is that I am constantly reading, so that I can get some perspectives and reviews out to you all, whether here or on Goodreads – with all that said, it is definitely high time for a full-on catch up, though!


It’s true that I haven’t posted a review here in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I did take about a week off of reading when I was on my honeymoon (more on this below), but in a wonderful twist of Fate, I was able to get two texts read within one day, while travelling home from London.

Sat in Heathrow airport, I ploughed through the second volume of the graphic novel Snotgirl. As I’ve said many times, I’m not much of a graphic novel reader because I find it very difficult to maintain focus when trying to look at both pictures and text. Snotgirl really took my breath away from the start, though, and I just found the art to be so captivating! I can’t say I truly understand all of the story because it’s a bit all over the place, but Lottie is the cutest and most endearing character (even if she is a bit ridiculous sometimes), and the fact that I even want to continue reading the graphic novel is testament to how addictive it is. I felt I had no choice but to give volume 2 of Snotgirl ❥❥❥❥ (out of 5).

The second text I finished was during the 7 and a half hour plane ride from London back to Toronto. This flight would have normally been pretty unbearable for me, but I had the foresight to pick up a novel from Waterstones so that I could focus all my attention on reading, and not on how cramped and uncomfortable I felt. Amazingly enough, I was able to finish The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Sidenote: This title is SUPER fun to say, and my husband is probably getting sick of hearing me say it multiple times a day!!!) in its ENTIRETY during that flight, and I am so so glad I picked it up! This novel was absolutely adorable and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I had been seeing posters for the film adaptation all throughout London, so when I walked into Waterstones and saw it on a table right at the front, I knew I just had to pick it up. It was written in epistolary style/through a series of letters, which was the perfect style for plane reading, and I simply couldn’t put it down. The characters were sweet and quirky and the story itself made me long to travel, even though I was slightly homesick at that particular moment, so obviously it painted the picture of rural England quite well. I am really glad I finally got around to reading this book and I am so eager to watch the movie now – definitely a ❥❥❥❥❥ (out of 5) read, which I would highly recommend for summer days at the cottage!

Now, on to my next read… I’ve FINALLY decided to delve into the Throne of Glass series by one of my favourite fantasy authors, Sarah J. Maas. I’m already one book into the series, and I am extremely intrigued by the characters, the premise and the plot. There are like 2.5 billion books in the TOG series, so who knows how long it will take me to get through it, but I will have some serious thoughts about it as soon as I’m finished, rest assured about that!


As I mentioned, I read these two texts when travelling home from my belated honeymoon. On May 18th, my husband and I set off on an adventure to Paris and London, two of my favourite cities on the planet (next to my home city of Toronto, which I still maintain is the greatest place in the world!). It would be hard for me to articulate how wonderful it was to spend nearly 10 days away with the love of my life, and most of the truly memorable moments I’d like to keep private, but I can share some gorgeous photos with you that we took during our journeys! I have to give credit where it’s due: most of these photos were taken by my husband because he has more of an artistic eye than I do, but he was super eager for me to share them with all of you.

Probably the highlight of the trip for me was the chance to revisit the Opéra Garnier, quite possibly my favourite location on the planet! My husband and I booked a hotel that was literally steps away from the opera house, which meant that we could walk by it at all hours of the day. We also went inside on our first day in Paris, and spontaneously bought tickets to see a ballet that night – it was truly a dream come true to get to watch a show at the theatre I have been obsessed with since I first encountered the story of The Phantom of the Opera in elementary school.

What was possibly the most exciting thing about all of this was that I got to carry my third and newest tattoo around with me: a representation of the famous chandelier from the Palais Garnier! You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the real chandelier and my tattoo below, but suffice it to say, I was absolutely overjoyed to be able to wear my love for this impressive piece of design and architecture on my sleeve (literally)!

That’s all for now really…again, my apologies on the delay in catching up with you all, but never doubt that I am busy reading away whenever I’m not ranting and raving here!


Janille N G


  1. Looks like you had such a great time on your honeymoon!! Congratulations 😊✨

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂 And thank you for visiting my blog…yours is just lovely!

  2. Tammy says:

    I love the pics!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you! ☺️❤️

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