Can I See You Again? ~ #JNGReads ~ Highly Recommendable Chick Lit.

Another day, another chick lit. novel read by me! Oh, how consistent I am!

“‘Everything about him is true. He is kind. He is handsome. He is the truest person I’ve ever met. He’s the man I think of when I have a bad dream, a crummy day, when the lights go out and the entire house is dark. But I’ve hurt him.’”

Welcome to yet another review of a romance novel…it seems like all I’ve been reading lately is chick lit. (or YA books verging on chick lit. status), and I am very okay with that. Other than the Victorian novels that form my academic roots, chick lit. is my go-to reading genre, and I don’t see that as likely to change anytime soon. Even the YA and fantasy novels I choose to pick up all have some element of romance to them, and I’m starting to embrace and be less ashamed of this personal preference more and more as I engage with like-minded readers on Goodreads. Chick lit. can be awesome, deep, profound and super entertaining ~ I’m here to shout that from the rooftops!

Anywho, I digress…let’s get back on track for today, shall we?

I just finished the most wonderful story!

~ an actual quote from me today, upon finishing Can I See You Again? by Allison Morgan

(*Yes, also a quote spoken by Belle in Beauty and the Beast…but we’re practically the same person anyway, so let’s roll with it!)

Let’s start with a few things that I know to be true about myself. 1) I don’t usually pick up books based on their covers. 2) When I do, I rarely expect them to be masterpieces because I’ve been burned before by a pretty cover (for example, here). 3) When a book has a gorgeous cover AND is amazingly written, gripping and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (as in the case of this example), I am one happy lady and it is very likely that I will become obsessed with said book.

I picked up Can I See You Again? by Allison Morgan on an absolute whim a few weeks ago, solely because the cover jumped out at me in the bookstore. (Check out the Goodreads page for this book here to see said cover, which I unfortunately did not have time to snap a photo of myself.) Was I expecting Can I See You Again? to be sugary sweet and adorable? Yes ma’am. Was I expecting it to be unique, with a witty and engaging narrator/protagonist I loved within pages and a hilarious yet still feasible plot? No sir. I was NOT at all expecting to fall head over heels in love with the main character of the novel, Bree Caxton, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to laugh out loud while reading her narration. Sure, I knew I’d probably find some moments cute and endearing, as I do in most chick lit. novels I pick up (I’m relatively easy to please, except when I’m really not, and then it’s a disaster, as in this case!), but I didn’t think the story would get under my skin quite as much as it did. I was a fan of just about everything about this novel, I would consider it near perfection in terms of the chick lit. standards I’ve come to adopt over the years…and this vehement reaction of mine was what was very surprising.

I really struggle to write reviews of GREAT novels, to be honest. I find it easy to log in detail what I don’t like about a novel when I have a violent reaction to it…but when a novel is GOOD, I find myself just wanting to say, Go and pick it up for yourself! How do you put into words why you loved a novel or why you had such fun reading it? It’s more of a feeling than any one specific thing about the book sometimes, and that’s the case for my experience reading Can I See You Again? these past few days. Yes, the characters, mainly Bree, her love interest Nixon and her best friend Andrew, are creatively depicted and have very distinct voices. Yes, the banter between Bree and Nixon is on fire, and I found myself smiling from ear to ear reading about how Nixon was flirting with Bree (often without her even realizing it, despite the fact that she’s a love guru by trade). Yes, the plot was filled with romantic moments like an unexpected first kiss and enough hijinks to make Sophie Kinsella proud. But, none of those things would necessary make me this excited about a book; even if all these elements exist and are executed well, the novel still has to have that little something special, that extra zing about it (like THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK has in spades!) to make it really stand out among the zillions and bazillions of chick lit. novels I’ve read in my lifetime. And, somehow, Can I See You Again? had this. I can’t put it into words, but what I will say is that I loved every moment of reading this book, found it nearly impossible to put down, and really never wanted it to end. Considering I had never even heard of Allison Morgan before seeing the novel in Chapters, I find this reaction pretty terrific (certainly one to shout about from the rooftops!), and I am definitely intending to pick up her other novel, The Someday Jar, soon.

I also should say that the beautiful cover of Can I See You Again? clearly did its job! As I said, I had never heard of Allison Morgan until I SAW this book in Chapters with my own two eyes, and it was the design of the cover that made me pick it up, turn it over, read the synopsis, and then buy it. It wasn’t the title or Morgan’s name attached to it…it was 100% the cover. So, kudos to the cover designers because they made me into an Allison Morgan fan and I’m super grateful for that!

I’ll be passing Can I See You Again? on to my mom ASAP…which means it is a really darn good chick lit. novel because her standards are high, and if a book doesn’t capture her attention within the first chapter, she’s bound to put it down. This one, though, I think she’ll struggle to put down at all!

“‘I’ve learned what it’s like to kiss a man with every bit of my body and mind. To be stilled by his touched, silenced by his breath on my skin, honored by his smile. I’ve learned what it’s like to feel. I’ve learned what it’s like to lose him.’”

❥❥❥❥.5 (out of 5)


Girl with a Green Heart


  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved this book!
    Thank you for passing it along to me…another great tecommendation!
    I look forward to reading The Someday Jar.

  2. emmareadstoomuch says:

    oooh as soon as it gets warm out i read practically solely contemporary & chick lit. i’ll have to check this one out!!!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Oh, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think because I found it super cute! 🙂

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