This Love Story Will Self-Destruct ~ #JNGReads

Why is it that every few books I read this year, I land on one that’s literally about nothing?

This Love Story Will Self-Destruct by Leslie Cohen is a pleasant novel. ✧

✧ There…review done. ✧

Honestly, I wish I had more to say about this book, especially because the cover is one of the nicest I’ve seen recently. But, as they always say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and I genuinely wish I didn’t feel compelled to pick this book up when I saw the front cover in my local Indigo because I feel like it was a waste of like $20. This isn’t to say that I hated This Love Story Will Self-Destruct…not at all…but perhaps even worse than that, I feel totally indifferent to it. This Love Story Will Self-Destruct is the epitome of average, the perfect novel to pick up on a whim at the library and take on a plane with you because you want something easy to read, not very taxing and light and fast to get through. It isn’t a novel I would ever feel inclined to spend money to purchase, and it isn’t one I feel strongly enough about to want to put on my bookshelf…if it wasn’t for that adorable cover art, this book would truly have not very much going for it.

What more can I say? The characters, Eve and Ben, are cute and sometimes their dialogue is witty and made me chuckle softly, but they aren’t anything to write home about and I would’ve been totally okay if I never “met” them. Sure, there are a few quirks about their personalities and a few secrets and tragedies they endure that I’m positive are meant to make them seem more unique and complex, but I don’t think Cohen ever really succeeds in creating characters that are memorable or touching. Like I said, they were nice enough to read about, but I didn’t really care what happened to Eve or Ben, or to them together, and the plot didn’t really go much of anywhere. This was really a shame, in my opinion, because the Prologue seemed pretty mysterious and suggested that some great and heartbreaking romance was about to come, but the novel just never really lived up to this introduction at all. It truly was average in every single way, and it was the sort of novel that I could imagine a university student submitting to a creative writing class. It felt unpolished, a bit rushed, haphazardly put together, and while I could see the potential in it and in Cohen, I don’t think that potential was ever reached.

I guess I would recommend This Love Story Will Self-Destruct as a beach read or, as I mentioned, a book to bring on vacation when you’ll mostly be doing sight-seeing but may have a moment or two to read in a coffee shop and don’t want anything that requires too much emotional investment. Because that’s just the thing: I didn’t feel invested in this story whatsoever, and I think that’s super sad and left me with an overall unimpressed and frustrated feeling.

❥❥❥ (out of 5) ~ Read this one if you stumble upon it and have absolutely nothing else to read.


Girl with a Green Heart

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