JNG’s *Somewhat* Weekly Round-Up

It is never a good idea to make promises you can’t keep…

I like to think I am a very reliable and organized person. It all started in high school, when I devised a plan of using an elaborate and colourful calendaring system to keep track of my schoolwork and ensure that I always got every single task done. I maintain the same system today, and not a day goes by that I don’t have an extensive To-Do List going that easily gets completed. I respond to texts and emails as soon as I receive them. Notes to me never go unread. And, I like to think I am consistent with posting reviews of any and all books I read, as quickly upon finishing them as possible.

But sometimes, To-Do Lists and schedules can become a burden, can develop into something rather anxiety-inducing. I absolutely love writing reviews of the books I read and I adore creating unique blog posts…but sometimes I have a pile of books I am dying to read, or there is a spot in the city that I have been eager to explore, or there is a wedding-related task that absolutely must get done (such as writing out the script for our ceremony, which took about an entire day!)…and the days just get away from me.

All this to say that, sometimes a Sunday will come and go…with no JNG’s Weekly Round-Up here on the blog. In my defense, I came up with the idea of this weekly update when I was buried in reading long series and wasn’t writing reviews as frequently. Now, I am still drowning in novels that I am so excited to read, but I am also finishing standalones more rapidly and trying to pump out corresponding reviews. I honestly live and breathe for this, but then sometimes on a Sunday, I think about writing my promised Weekly Round-Up and I don’t have much to say! Do I just link to the review I posted 2 days before? Do I post a photo of myself from Instagram that, let’s be honest, might seem more self-indulgent than relevant? Do I rant more about wedding planning even though nothing new has occurred? In most cases recently, I have chosen to not write a Weekly Round-Up at all and to instead use that time toward finishing another novel and getting that much closer to a review.

But, on those Sundays, I feel like a failure. My fiancé reminds me that this blog is for me and my enjoyment, but I do feel an obligation to you, to all of you lovely followers who take the time to read the random thoughts that spew out of my head. Part of that obligation, though, includes writing meaningful reviews of books that I actually have to read first. So where is the middle ground here?

I think it comes in relabeling my endeavour to JNG’s Somewhat Weekly Round-Up. When I have something to say or update you on, you better believe I will! But if, instead, I am choosing to read away and ravenously devour another novel, you may not hear from me in terms of an update that week. I foresee that in the next few months, as my wedding approaches, I will have much news to share, but I also actually have over 30 novels sitting at my house right now, waiting to be read, so I’m going to have to establish some balance between reading and writing.

In summary… THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for caring what I have to say, and thank you for indulging and bearing with me as I figure out this hobby and passion of mine! I really do have about 2.5 million books I want to read, and I promise you will hear about every single one…



Girl with a Green Heart

PS ~ It seems relevant to mention that, yes, of course I am watching the new season of Victoria!  How could I not make time in my Sunday schedule for that?  You’ll be hearing from me in the near future with my thoughts on how wonderful this second season is shaping up to be!

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