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Hello dear Readers!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written any kind of post that wasn’t a book review, and that’s mainly because I’ve been spending the bulk of my time reading away and working toward my Goodreads challenge of 18 books for 2017.  (At this point, that goal seems laughable because I’m already 10 books in.  Perhaps I should’ve aimed higher to start, but I didn’t, and still don’t, want to jinx myself!)

Anyway, today I have a bit of an update for you that, although related to books, isn’t actually about a book I’ve finished reading.  It is instead about how I am currently reading.

This weekend I was lucky enough to see my best friend CV.  Not only were we able to catch up on some new and exciting events in both our lives, CV also presented me with a little gift she mentioned she had for me a few weeks ago: she gave me my first ever Kobo.  It was so ridiculously sweet of her – she happens to already have two of them, so she didn’t mind passing along her third e-reader to me so that I could get a chance to try it out.  Now, I have to admit, I have resisted the e-reader craze for as long as I can remember.  My mother, grandmother and several other members of my family have offered to buy me an e-reader for my birthday and Christmas for many years, and I have always declined, professing that I could never abandon my paper books, my actual physical novels, for something electronic.  I still stand by my decision, and I will always prefer the “real thing” to books that appear on a screen – however, recently I’ve found that some of the novels I desperately want to read are only available in e-book format, and when I complained about this to CV, she suggested I take her unused, superfluous e-reader and just give the medium a chance.

So far, so good!  Surprisingly, I’m enjoying the experience of reading on my new Kobo.  I downloaded a bunch of light, airy romance novels yesterday (I felt that this would be the best genre to ease me into the experience), and as of right now, I can’t complain at all!  On the contrary, I do have to say that it is really rather convenient to carry around one lightweight device rather than a giant paperback (or worse, hardcover!) novel.  Since most of my reading is done during my long commute to and from work, I think an e-reader is a great way to be able to access the novel I’m reading without having to shuffle through my bag and carry around something heavy and cumbersome.  Although I don’t think I would use the Kobo for absolutely every book I intend to read (I think, for example, that a Dickens novel is best read with a physical book in hand), it is a great alternative for those more fun, fast reads that I delve into every once in a while.  It is also very handy to have several different novels at one’s fingertips – the main reason I turned to the Kobo this week, rather than waiting a while longer, is that I was stranded at my fiancé’s house due to a snowstorm, and didn’t have any of my physical novels available to me.  With my Kobo, I don’t have to worry about finishing a novel during my commute, and then not being able to start a new one until I get home, because I have multiple options available to me at any given time.  With the number of free and (very!) discounted books available as well, it seems like having a Kobo is a really great investment for any reader, even if they do continue to read physical books too.  I think the two mediums can definitely go hand in hand, and this entire experience has totally surprised me and been much more pleasurable than I expected!

I will be keeping track of which novels I read on my Kobo, and mentioning in my future reviews of these books whether or not the e-reading experience hindered my feelings towards the stories at all.  But, for the time being, I think things are going very well, and I am eager to keep reading on my Kobo and explore a whole host of novels that I wouldn’t formerly have had access to.

Happy (e-)reading!


Girl with a Green Heart


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