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We interrupt our regularly scheduled discussion of novels to bring you a lifestyle post, all about the beautiful landscape of Toronto.

I promised to write this very blog post over Christmas, when I had a vacation from work, but I never got around to it, what with spending most of my time watching It’s A Wonderful Life and wrapping presents. Having said that, I’m quite glad that I waited to write this post until the New Year because it will fit in much better with some posts I have planned for the remainder of the year, specifically wedding/marriage related posts.

Back what seems like forever ago, I wrote an entry about a house I stumbled upon in Toronto that quickly became my dream home. I actually have the photo that I took of this particular home (you can see it in the original post here) tacked up beside my computer at work, and I often look at it throughout the day. I find it to be a source of inspiration, a goal to strive for and work towards, and I am constantly imagining myself, SS and our future child living in this very building.

There are a plethora of gorgeous homes in Toronto though, and today I want to share three more photos with you of houses I stumbled upon this past Fall during my lunchtime wanderings by my office. These homes instantly struck me as modern day equivalents of Mr. Rochester’s impressive home Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre, and I found myself desperately wishing that I would just win the lottery (don’t we all wish that!) so I could move into one of these stately, classy and ornate houses immediately. They’re really very gorgeous, and although they are large and imposing, they also have such a traditional style, as if they were erected sometime in the 19th century and have just recently been furnished with all the modern fixings. I spent a large number of my lunch breaks in the Fall walking past these homes, thinking about how I would furnish them, fantasizing about the joy I would feel watching the leaves change colours on the trees outside and stringing Christmas lights up around the rustic doors during December. I have never been one to want to buy a house (SS and I are talking about buying a condo in a few years, once we’ve settled into our life in the city, because we really aren’t fond of houses all that much), but that is probably largely due to the fact that all the affordable houses in the city are more suburban and cookie-cutter with less personality and character. These houses by my office, though, they speak for themselves and instantly made me think of tea parties and book clubs and cozy nights in with my husband and child, listening to our favourite Christmas carols and decorating the enormous tree that would stand in our front entrance. (Okay, am I obsessed with Christmas, or what?!) I could definitely picture starting a family in one of these houses, just as easily as I could in the first dream home that I featured here on the blog, and my lunchtime walks really opened my eyes to the fact that Toronto has so many wonderful areas, with so many new and exciting and beautiful buildings and landscapes to discover.

torontos-thornfield-hall old-yonge-house-1 old-yonge-house-2

Now, you might ultimately be wondering why I am so interested in looking at homes these days, and I think the answer should be obvious: this is my last year living with my parents, in my hometown of Whitby, Ontario, and this time 11 months from now, I will be firmly settled in my first home with SS. It will also, perhaps more notably, be the first home that I will call entirely my own, and so I am somewhat obsessed these days with trying to envision this place that I will become so attached to. I have no idea, just yet, where it will be or what it will look like, and unless I win the lottery sometime soon, I don’t think it will be one of the houses pictured here…but nevertheless, it is fun to think about the various homes that might be in my future, after living for over 20 years in the same one, day in and day out. While there is a deep sadness associated with leaving my childhood home (which is something I intend to talk about at length here sometime soon), there is also a sense of excitement and eagerness to start building my own comfortable home. It’s sure to be an absolute whirlwind, and I am so pleased to be able to take you all on the ride with me!

Happy weekend, dear Readers! Stay tuned for more home and lifestyle discussions from me soon!


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