Victoria ~ Episode 8: A Young England

Dear Readers, the Victoria Extravaganza Weekend has come to an end.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s story is finished for the time being, and I must now wait until some time in 2017 to see my new friends again. It is strange to think that, if the second season is released in Fall 2017, I will be so close to becoming a wife myself. As with many literary characters I’ve met in recent weeks, Queen Victoria and her Prince Albert presented me with another model for married life that made me even more excited to wed SS (something I didn’t think was possible)! Watching Queen Victoria go from 18-year-old monarch, to strong and defiant queen, to soft and supportive wife within the span of one season was a lovely journey to be a part of, and I will always remember the image of Victoria marrying Albert in Westminster Abbey, declaring that she was an “ordinary woman” on that day. SS watched most of the season with me as well, so it was a wonderful moment when we watched that wedding scene together. To see Victoria and Albert become parents in this most recent episode, the finale, was also incredibly interesting – they were terrified and excited in equal measure and it gave me and SS an model of the type of feelings we may be experiencing in the near future.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this first season of ITV’s Victoria and I am beyond thrilled that the story will continue. This is first class television, from the sets, to the actors (portraying both major and minor characters), to the writing. Queen Victoria may be the centre of it all, but it was also fascinating to get to know some of the minor characters, like the budding chef Francatelli and Miss Skerrett, who have the most Victorian courtship of the entire show, complete with complications, obstacles and heartbreak. Victoria is not only the story of the Victorian queen; it is also the story of the people living in her era, who would become the inspirations for and creators of many of the world’s greatest literary masterpieces.

I can’t speak enough about how much I love Victoria, and Jenna Coleman, and everyone involved in this production. I’ll leave you now with my thoughts on the finale of season one of Victoria…

Episode #8: A Young England

~ “Oh I’m so bored of this!” ~

– Queen V really does not enjoy being pregnant because she cannot do anything, like dance or ride. Prince A isn’t very “sympathetic” and actually goes for a ride himself. Watching V’s frustration is so cute and I love that A is comfortable enough with her not to feed into her. It’s a form of flirting for them in a way!

– People, especially servants, are terrified that Queen V and the baby will die in childbirth. Princess Charlotte was perfectly healthy until she gave birth, died…and Victoria became queen.

~ “She does not like to wait.” ~

– Duke of Cumberland (V’s uncle) is a threat to Queen V and may actually harm her physically. I think this is absolutely absurd and crazy…someone NEEDS to stop him!

~ “I want this to be over…I am scared.” ~

“But there has never been a queen such as you are.”

– “You still see me, Lehzen, don’t you?” = V feels forgotten and unnoticed. She is anxious about losing her identity to the child. She is insecure.

– Prince Ernest returns. I actually find him quite dashing! I hope he can find love (but not in too risky a manner)! He does know how to flirt very well, but he’s also romantic.

– “She is not a queen, and I am not a cow!” Haha! Oh dear! V is very against this whole motherhood business. I doubt that she’ll be a warm and loving mother…BUT she did become a devoted and loving wife, so she may surprise us all!

– Queen V has fans and admirers, but also dangerous stalkers. She is never really safe.

~ “Am I simply a vessel to be protected because I am carrying precious cargo?” ~

– V’s identity is being reduced and she is resentful.

– The Duke of Cumberland actually threatens Queen V. I don’t know why they haven’t thrown him in jail yet!

– “She had no regrets, your friend?” Queen V is afraid that no child can erase from her mind the feeling of discomfort and annoyance she has experienced.

– Francatelli and Skerrett = another forbidden romance, as we are so familiar with in Victorian literature. “You have your freedom, Nancy, don’t give it up for a man.” Politics and risk even plague the lower classes.

* Freedom seems to be the theme of this episode… It is a concern for Nancy, who wants to maintain security in a time that is not always kind to women (especially those of the working class)…AND, it is also a concern for Victoria, who is constrained by her positions of queen and mother.

❥ “I don’t think anymore – I just feel.” ❥

* That is the Victorian era/culture in a nutshell – feel always, and give your emotions free reign!

– Oh my gosh! A carrying V to the bed is sooo romantic! My goodness, I LOVE them together! A will always protect V, although she is still so strong in her own right.

– The Young England Society is conspiring and plotting to kill Queen V! I had no idea that this was a thing…wow! Another great layer of historical drama!

“He might’ve killed you – and then my life would be over.”

* V adores A so much, which is so heartwarming to see. But, as we know from history, A will die eventually and leave V devastated and miserable. I dread that day! While I appreciate that the show is following history and documenting the life of an impressive monarch, it is sometimes horrible to know so much about her life, and her loss of her greatest love.

– Queen V crying because she wants her pregnancy to be over. She is so cute, but she obviously really hates her life right now.

~ “I think the queen is a lot stronger than you think.” ~

– V’s dresses are much simpler in this episode, which is very realistic. She has to remain comfortable.

“I will keep you safe.”

“I know, Albert, but I want to be free.”

– V cannot live in fear forever and she will not have that for her child.

– Francatelli and Miss Skerrett = classic Victorian romance, full of misunderstanding, complications and barriers.

~ “I know I am a better monarch than you could ever be.” ~

– V stands up to Lord Cumberland and refuses to be afraid anymore. !!!

~ “I think I have never heard a monarch say a wiser thing.” ~

– Queen V will support her citizens’ decisions in the justice system and she will not be afraid to meet them and go out.

– A knows that V is a smart monarch and so he chooses to trust her judgment. ❥ “You are my queen.”

– Ernest! Oh dear, this is a risky business!

– V eating chocolates is probably the most adorable part of the episode!

~ “For you, I pray in every denomination.” ~

– People want V to live, more than anything.

– The candles everywhere are so gorgeous! Once again (like last episode), everything truly feels so Victorian!

– V is in labour…and A is asleep! Figures! The moment where she hits him with the pillow is so hilarious and domestic.

“We should call her Victoria, after a great queen.”

* Victoria and Albert lying in bed with the baby is the most beautiful image to end the season with. What a romantic scene and finale in general! I loved it!

Looking forward to returning one day soon with more reviews of the continuation of this incredible story!

Until then, I remain your,


Girl with a Green (and always Victorian) Heart

my green heart


  1. Tony Burgess says:

    We in the USA get it in 2017 on our Public Broadcasting System. I am looking forward to seeing Jenna Coleman in this performance. She is going to be terrific I predict.

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