Victoria ~ Episode 6: The Queen’s Husband

Well, Victoria, what I once thought was ITV’s new MINIseries, has been renewed for a second season. This means, much to my supreme pleasure, that there will be more than eight episodes in the story of Jenna Coleman’s Queen Victoria. It also means that I don’t have to go into a little depression in two weeks when the eighth episode comes and the story is finished for the time being. I am so so beyond pleased that this incredible series – undoubtedly one of my favourites ever – will be coming back!

Today, my mother, fiancé and I sat down to watch this week’s episode of the series. I don’t think anything will ever top last week’s episode for me, because it was absolutely wonderful to witness Queen Victoria as a betrothed woman and watch her wed her Prince Albert. Maybe I’ll always be particularly fond of that episode because, being engaged myself, it sort of felt like Victoria and I were engaged together. Having said that, this week’s episode was also incredible and enjoyable, and it was so lovely to see Victoria coming into her own as a wife. My post yesterday portrayed how much I have been thinking about what it means to be a wife lately, and so it was perfectly timed that this episode centered on Victoria’s married life. She navigates what it means to have a husband, how she should be supporting and encouraging him while also maintaining her own identity and power. She also contemplates motherhood, which is something that both frightens and excites her. She is a young bride, just as I will be, and I was so happy to see her and Prince Albert becoming a formidable, united pair. They share secrets, they rely on one another, and they boost each other up. They are also passionately in love, attracted to one another and made more confident by the intimacy they share. It was remarkable to see my favourite queen as a wife, and I know she will only become better in this new role as the series progresses.

Here are my thoughts on the sixth episode of Victoria…

Episode #6: The Queen’s Husband

❥ “My Victoria.” ❥

❥ “Now you have me.” ❥

– V and A have not had much alone time or much of a honeymoon; they are back into the politics and family dinners.

❥ “We must start as we mean to go on – together.” ❥

– Queen V is afraid of childbirth…or is she afraid of being a mother? Prince A is very eager to start a family.

-Queen V implies that Prince A will be bored by business – he is still a foreigner. He wanders aimlessly around the palace because he can do no more/is not welcome to.

* Sidenote: Jenna Coleman is PERFECT and sublime in this role! The way she speaks is so regal – formal and strong. BUT, she also has an emotional fire to her.

– Is Queen V condescending to Prince A? In this instance, the woman has complete control and supremacy.

– My fiancé asks, Shouldn’t they treat him a bit better? He’s the King! … My response, Well, he’s the Queen’s husband.

– There is an important distinction. Although Queen V does not allow Prince A much say in business, she tries to demand respect for him by having him escort her into dinner. “Albert is my husband and should be by my side. It is time that things changed.”

~ “Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Albert.” ~

– Queen V wants him to have an ACTIVE role in her reign, regardless of what has been done in the past. This is confusing though, because she also won’t allow him to read documents.

– In the end, she succumbs to pressure and allows another man to escort her, which is heartbreaking and frustrating, especially for the viewers. She is tormented though, and wants to try harder for him. She is pulled in ALL directions!

~ “This is your home!” ~

– She can be so cold and detached though, especially in public = she needs to let her emotion through and allow it to influence her.

– slavery = illegal in Britain but still legal in the US. The abolition committee wants Queen V to open their meeting…but this is too controversial and she cannot.

– Albert is disappointed in her. Will he be a force for encouraging her to change and be bold?

– Queen V asks Lehzen about birth control = she is reluctant to become a mother right now.

Sidenote: I would love to see Prince A drawn as a sausage! Haha!

– Albert will speak at the slavery abolition meeting = he is not constrained by custom, and the one benefit of this is that he will use it for good. He now has a purpose! “If I am to be held up to scrutiny, it will be for something I believe in.”

– I truly fail to understand the purpose of the servants’ storyline = I honestly barely care about them!

– V and A sleep face to face = how adorable!

– Aww, Queen V jumping to stop herself from getting pregnant = so innocent and naïve, but cute! Heehee!

– Queen V gets Albert his title by being a tad manipulative but also by using her power and influence for a noble cause.

– Ernest’s romance = again, not my favourite storyline (this goes without saying), but it has its intriguing elements, although it is very wrong and immoral!

– Prince A rehearsing his speech is so perfect = he still has a lot to learn too, but he will tackle it head on!

– Prince A sends Ernest home = the rules of propriety may tear apart this brotherly relationship.

– Albert finally walks Victoria into dinner and it is a wonderful moment. BUT, Albert wants more still; he is always pushing Victoria, which is good for her. He also wants his own moment of strength.

– Albert and Ernest’s relationship doesn’t seem to be affected at all. Their relationship is strong and sweet! “You will miss him very much.”

– V seems terrified any time A mentions a family.

– Okay, the servants’ storyline became a bit cute.

– Albert needs Victoria to stay calm during his speech. He is so good at the meeting, making everyone feel important and valuable, as they should be.

– Queen V abandons Prince A. NOOO! What the ….?! Why? This makes me sooo sad and MAD at her! Duty must NOT always come before love!

– I am so proud of Albert for nailing his speech without her! Good for him!

– I can’t believe V would just leave A alone! I am seriously outraged and annoyed by how juvenile she can sometimes be! ARGH!

– Okay, so Queen V had a plan all along, perhaps – she wanted to give Prince A his own victory, in front of everyone.  Fine…

– Queen V cannot agree to abstinence…so a royal baby may be on the way soon! YAY! Stay tuned!


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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    We in America will be seeing “Victoria” in the Spring. I am looking forward to the former Companion’s take on this historic figure.

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