Victoria ~ Episode 5: An Ordinary Woman

The day is finally here – Queen Victoria has wed her darling Prince Albert!

As a bride-to-be myself, this episode meant more to me than any other. Of course, I have always been wedding obsessed, so if I weren’t getting married in just over a year, I still would’ve adored the imagery and romance of the fifth episode of ITV’s series Victoria. However, as a woman planning my own wedding, fully understanding the significance of finally being irrevocably joined to the man I love, every aspect of Queen Victoria’s wedding planning filled me with joy and excitement. I have always been particularly fond of Victorian weddings – and by this I mean the weddings described in Victorian literature – so to witness a wonderful, accurate and absolutely beautiful reenactment of the wedding between the queen who inspired so much incredible art and literature and culture and the man she loved beyond all others was such a pleasure. This was by far the most exquisitely filmed and acted episode of the series, and the caliber of each performance is reaching new heights. Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes have some incredible chemistry, and they also portray the obstacles and restraint Victoria and Albert must face with sophistication and class. Everything about this most royal of weddings made my heart soar!

Having said that, there were moments throughout the episode when I just could not take notes. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, especially when Victoria was running toward Prince Albert in her purple gown, and when she was walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey toward him, and when Prince Albert was saying his heartfelt and traditional vows to her. The wedding night was also a gloriously simplistic scene, and I couldn’t stop watching as Victoria and Albert faced their fears and uncertainties together. There was not a moment of this episode that was out of place, and I felt such emotion and feeling between the queen and her prince, that it is so clear to me why Victorian literature has always felt more sentimental and emotional than any other literature for me. There was feeling in the woman whose era it was birthed out of, and she wasn’t afraid to express it!

Here are my notes on the gorgeous fifth episode of Victoria…

Episode #5: An Ordinary Woman

– First of all, let me just say that this is the perfect title for this episode. Queen Victoria is a woman before she is a royal, and she wants to give herself to Prince Albert in the same way any other, more normal woman would give herself to her husband.

– This wedding will go down in history!

❥ “I wish I were an ordinary woman.” ❥

– Queen V and Prince A have such chemistry…it is unreal!

❥ “The only person I want to please is you.” ❥

– I am dying! Their love is adorable but also full of sexual tension and emotion. They are so human in their feelings and desires.

– BUT, Victoria is a QUEEN, so there are royal obstacles to overcome, such as Albert’s allowance = will hierarchy and regulations get in the way of their romance?

❥ “like something out of a fairytale” ❥

– Queen V and Prince A will inspire so many stories!

– 6 weeks of separation = Queen V will feel it and she is honest and forthright with her emotions; she is a woman who hides nothing, even in spite of her regal position.

❥ “I will miss you so much!” ❥

– Prince A has become bold and sexy = he intoxicates her.

– Queen V must seek approval of the Privy Council = her heart cannot make any decisions alone.

– Now everyone is against Albert because he is German and not necessarily Protestant. Queen V wants him to be King Consort, but the British subjects and politicians (including the Duke of Wellington) are rebelling already. “no title and only $30,000 a year.” “the Parliament that he admired so much needs to be coaxed rather than commanded.” = this is the makings of a true democracy.

– Prince A wants equality…but the people are putting doubt in Queen V’s mind as to his intentions.

* Queen V will have a white wedding dress! * = she is a true trendsetter!

– Prince A had a true bachelor party… That’s one tradition I could do without.

– BUT, Prince A wants to be instructed on how to please Victoria, which at least is refreshing for this time period.

– MAJOR wedding inspiration: a small affair; 4 bridesmaids; a simple breakfast afterwards.

– Queen V will make Prince A a knight and defy everyone.

– Queen V and Prince A barely get a moment alone = everyone is always around and watching them.

– Honeymoon can only be 2 days because of Queen V’s duties = they may never be truly alone.

– A hard dynamic to navigate = the woman has more power and the man cannot be independent without her help and consent = women will move toward independence in this era. BUT, Queen V is still full of feeling and worry and jealousy.

❥ Queen V running in her purple dress is the most beautiful image!

~ “The bells are ringing!” ~

– Queen V will not wear diamonds to her wedding = she is “an ordinary woman” today.

❥ The wedding is GORGEOUS! Prince A’s vows were so sweet and traditional but personal. The imagery was lovely!

– “Goodbye, Lord M.” = perfectly done = Queen V will always love him a little. “I will never forget.”

– The wedding night was simple, classy and full of love.

I truly cannot wait to see how Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love story progresses!

Until next week, my fellow Victorianists,


Girl with a Green Heart

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