Victoria ~ Episode 4: The Clockwork Prince

I’ve just finished the fourth episode of ITV’s series Victoria, and I cannot get the images and scenes out of my mind. This episode was by far the best of the series, and I can confidently say that the caliber of each consecutive episode is getting higher and higher. This particular episode was just…delicious…? Is that a word you can use to describe a television show? I don’t know, but I don’t care because everything about this episode, from Albert’s cross and surly manner to Victoria’s midnight blue gown, was absolutely scrumptious! 😉

Let me start by saying that Prince Albert has finally entered the picture, and his relationship with Victoria blossomed so subtly and fluidly and naturally in this episode. Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes perfectly portrayed these two young monarchs, and their chemistry was undeniable. But, it was a chemistry that was classy and mature and composed, in accordance with the Victorian time period. It is definitely one of those relationships for the books (literally!) and it was exquisitely articulated, from the first abrupt meeting of the pair to the wonderful and lovely proposal at the end. This show is immensely well written, like a well-curated Victorian novel, and the dialogues are only getting better and better as the episodes progress. The characters are also growing and developing in a very human and realistic manner – particularly Victoria, who is evolving from being a tad self-absorbed and self-obsessed into a ruler with greater compassion, intellect and knowledge of the struggles of her people. I already feel like each and every one of these characters is my dear friend…and I cannot wait to attend the royal wedding of one of my favourite (VICTORIAN!) couples VERY soon…

Here are my thoughts on the fourth episode of Victoria…

Episode 4: The Clockwork Prince

– Dash hates Prince A and I can’t blame him; I don’t love him either because I am still reeling from Queen V’s romance with Lord M. Albert also seems to really dislike Victoria (for example, he thinks her piano playing is mediocre and he cannot believe her lack of knowledge of art and the Da Vinci pieces in the palace).

– Queen V must propose to Prince A = the woman has full control over her romantic destiny (for once). How refreshing!

– Queen V already seems rattled by Prince A’s presence and wishes to know if her maids think him handsome = she feels something, while all Prince A feels is disapproval.

– Prince A challenges how juvenile and superficial Queen V is (for example, in the scene where Queen V scoffs at the stamps featuring her picture, although they are a marvelous invention according to Prince A). In classic Victorian romantic fashion, there is dislike, annoyance and disdain…there is tension, disapproval and uncertainty…Prince A brings out something hidden in Queen V and calls her to be a better version of herself already…if I know Victorian romance at all, this will lead to love!

– I also judged Prince A prematurely = he gives money to a poor girl, rather than flirting with women; he is also annoyed with Queen V’s spoiling of and fawning over Dash (“her lapdog”); he finds her selfish and childish, and I began to see her that way as well. He seems to think people indulge and spoil her too much.

– Okay, *swoon* when Prince A plays the piano… Damn, he’s winning me over! And Queen V too, I think!

* I can’t decide if Queen V is a tad bratty, or Prince A is a pretentious prig. I’m questioning everything now!

~ “‘A queen does not have time for scales every day.’

‘Only card games.’” ~

…and yet, the next day, Queen V is practicing her scales…Prince A gets under her skin!

Sidenote: Queen V has the BEST wardrobe! Her sky blue cloak dress while walking with Prince A is gorgeous! And her midnight blue gown with the diamond tiara…oh my gosh! Since I have a particular fondness for satin since purchasing a very special dress of my own, I LOVE Queen V’s style!

– Lord M sends Queen V a white flower before the dance, so now I’m just super confused and conflicted! -_- …Having said that, I’m starting to find Prince A pretty sexy! Damn it!

– This show is so easy and absorbing to watch. The scenes are the perfect length and the flow is very fluid and almost graceful. The story is shot and articulated so well!

– Queen V and Prince A can’t stop staring at each other and the waltz seals the sexual tension; they are still figuring out what the charge and chemistry between them is. Queen V even gives Prince A the flower Lord M gave her = her heart has a new preoccupation!

– I truly have no idea why Prince A cuts open his shirt to put the flower by his heart…but I love it!

– Queen V wakes up sooo in love the morning after the dance! She cannot stop smiling and dancing! She is a changed woman! YAY!

– Queen V is going to Windsor Castle to indulge Prince A’s love of forests and trees = she wants to please him.

BUT does Prince A truly love her too or is he just playing her?

– Queen V tries to favour Prince A with the Windsor uniform, but he is honest about finding “the gold braid heavy”. Ugh!

~ “What would you prefer? Flattery or truth?” ~

* Dickens! YAY! Prince A thinks he writes accurately about the poor condition (he has just written Oliver Twist). Hear, hear, Prince A!

❥ “I like to see you unbound. You are not so much a queen.” ❥

– Prince A is attracted to the woman behind the queen… Queen V looks like she feels as though she is finally being seen.

– Prince A is upset about the poor situation in England and he claims that Lord M chooses not to see it. He will push Queen V to be a better ruler.

– If Prince A accepts Queen V, “it will be with his heart” = that is what Queen V wants, but it also terrifies her.

❥ “I want him to smile at me.” ❥

– Lord M and his influence over Queen V is a wedge between her and the man she now loves and wants. Prince A: “I thought she followed you in everything.” Is Prince A jealous?

– Queen V and Prince A’s marriage will be one full of love and emotion = a true union and one of the first of its kind.

– Lord M intends to retire. Uh oh!

– Okay, the proposal scene nearly killed me! It was absolutely exquisite!!! So simple and so loving….but also sexy! There is emotion but also desire between them. This is a proposal for the books!

❥ Victoria: Albert, will you marry me?

Albert: That depends.

V: On what?

A: On if you’ll let me kiss you first. ❥


❥ “‘…I have no choice.’

‘Neither do I.’” ❥

Oh, *swoon*! What a romance! I cannot wait to see my friends again next week!

Until then, I remain yours, sincerely,


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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