Victoria ~ Episode 2: Ladies in Waiting

Just yesterday, I posted my review of the first episode of ITV’s new drama, Victoria. I was able to get my hands on both of the first two episodes this past weekend, and I plan to continue my Victoria Series by posting the immediate, point form thoughts that I documented while watching the episodes. Here are my thoughts on the second episode

Episode 2: Ladies in Waiting

– Mrs. Melbourne = scandal and rumour surround her memory.

– rumours/gossip that Victoria is mad/not “of sound mind”.

– politics = abolition of slavery in the Caribbean = Victoria is vehemently against slavery.

– the shots of the landscape of England during the day and at night are exquisite!

Victoria does seem a bit self-absorbed and not sensitive to Lord M’s stresses. She is human and flawed. She loses control when Lord M resigns and this makes her vulnerable. She needs to become more resilient and self-reliant/less dependant on him.

– Victoria’s violet dress with the white lace collar = ❥❥❥

– Melbourne is trying to force Victoria to be impartial and unbiased politically, but she is not yet experienced enough to be diplomatic. She is learning to be a monarch and a political figure.

flirting = men underestimate women and reduce them to figures merely wanting affection, doting and attention.

– Is Victoria simply being immature in refusing to align with Sir Robert Peele as new Prime Minister? Or does she have a plan?

– she is a bit childish in always summoning Lord M. She is struggling to stand alone; she lets her heart and her emotions get in the way.

~ “I am not a piece of clay to be molded by any hand.” ~

– everyone is conspiring against Queen V at all sides = her grandfather was mad and so people are accusing Queen V of being so. They are creating rumours about hallucinations of rats; Queen V is powerless to contradict gossip and what people say.

– Duke of Wellington = fascinating to see a historical figure I know very much about (he was a favourite of Charlotte Brontë) come to life;  he seems true, honest and noble as far as I can see.

Stay tuned for my review of the third episode, coming very soon!


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